Deciding on a casino game everyone will love, regardless of experience, rules, and understanding, can be a tricky experience, especially when visiting and playing with a group.

You could opt for Texas Hold’em, a great game worthy of any gamers top spot, but with so many different rules and hands to remember and take note of – it’s hardly everybody’s cup of tea. The same is true for other card games of the same caliber (including seven-card stud, five-card draw, three card brag etc.) – so poker is a no-go unless everyone’s on the same page, of course.

If you are visiting the casino as a group and want to stick to games that everyone will enjoy playing, simplicity is key – even if your party hasn’t played them before. So say goodbye to the tricky-to-beat, hard-to-master games and say hello to the casino classics.

Struggling for ideas? Here are 3 of the very best casino games everyone will love playing!


Is there a better game suited to the masses than blackjack? We don’t think so.

With such popularity, heavily thanks to Hollywood with films such as Rain Man, The Hangover and 21, blackjack is a game that plenty are familiar with, so it’s hardly a surprise that it tops our list. Players will feel like James Bond (or Dustin Hoffman) as they try to beat the dealer and take home some healthy winnings.

The game is simple: players seek to make a total of 21 by summing the values of the cards they have been dealt. If they go over the all-important 21, they ‘bust’ and lose to the dealer, but if they’re below, and closer to 21 than the dealer (providing they don’t bust), they will win. However, if the dealer lands closer to 21 than the players, the dealer will win and take the players wages as a thank-you.

Perhaps the most difficult part of the game is not the strategy or the tactics themselves, but rather the etiquette that comes with the game.  This tends to make new players wary. Hand signals must be used when playing, among other small etiquettes, but it doesn’t take long to pick up. If players watch a couple of hands, they’ll pick up on everything they need.

You want to look like you know how to deal blackjack. Start by dealing each player’s first card face down. Deal the player on your left first, then move left to right down the remaining players including the dealer, then deal a second up card to each player.

Always a crowd favorite.


Next up on the list of games that everyone will enjoy playing comes roulette – and for very good reason, too.

The game is simple, pick where you think the ball will land on a wheel of different numbers and colors. There are plenty of different bets to choose from, whether players fancy a single lucky number bet, odd or even, black or red and just about everything else players can think of, all neatly laid out on the felt.

Adrian Sireca, of OnlineCasinoGems, states ‘roulette is one of the very best games for big groups of people to play’ later adding ‘it may not be as glamorous as craps, but there is a real team spirit that players won’t find with other games’.

But it’s not just the team spirit that makes for great play in roulette, it’s the simplicity that comes along with it. Although there are some slightly more complicated bets to be seen, the game can be played in a much simpler manner – catering to every kind of player surrounding the wheel.

Being seated around the roulette table is always a great time!

Casino War

One of the lesser-known, but the simplest, games available in the majority of gambling establishments is Casino War.

Although there can be a little strategy implemented in the game, play is simple and players will only be focusing on two cards at a time, so there are no hands or complicated mathematics that need to be considered. The game starts with a dealer dealing one card to themselves (face-up) alongside a further face-up card to each of the players in the game, leading to one of three scenarios:

  • Player’s card is higher than the dealer’s card – The player wins
  • Player’s card is lower than the dealer’s card – The dealer wins
  • Player’s card is equal to the dealer’s card – Tie

In the event of a tie, a player can choose whether to ‘surrender’ or whether to ‘go to war’. Surrendering will result in the return of half the original wager, but heading to war will let the player increase their wager before the dealer  again deals a single card to themselves and to the player, both face-up.

Players then have to receive an equal or higher card than the dealer in order to beat the casino and claim winnings. It’s one of the best games in the casino that does a fantastic job of catering to everyone (in my opinion) with chance more prevalent than ever in the high-stakes higher or lower game.

Simple, easy and incredibly fun.

The bottom line

If you’re looking for the very best casino games that everyone is sure to love playing, look no further than the classics in blackjack and roulette alongside the lesser-known casino war.

By opting for the games that are easy to play, easy to pick up and easy to understand – everyone’s sure to have a great time in the casino – no matter their experience levels. If you’ve got a few casual gamers in a group, the very last thing that you’re going to want to play is poker or any other equally complicated card game. Stick to the simple options, avoid the games that take time to learn and involve playing against others and you’re guaranteed a good time.

As a general rule, the majority of games in the casino are quick and easy to pick up so there shouldn’t be any problems with confusing bets, limited knowledge or intimidated guests. Even if it all goes a little pear-shaped, don’t worry, there is always the safety net of the slot machines to fall back on (great guide here!) – a surprisingly good time for groups with excitement around the room!