There’s not much happening in the basement right now. Why not find a way to put it to good use? With a little imagination, you can think of several ways to renovate the space and make it work for you. Here are four suggestions to get things started.

Your Oldest Needs a Private Room

Sharing a bedroom with a sibling is fine before the teen years, but the need for some privacy becomes a big deal after the age of 13. Unfortunately, there’s not another room to convert into another bedroom. While you could add on, that will cost more money than you can afford.

The solution is to call a contractor and plan a full Brampton basement renovation. Along with finishing the basement as sleeping space, you can even add a bathroom in one corner of the space. Your teen gets to have a private bedroom and the next child in line has private space before reaching the teen years. For the parents, that means one less issue to address in the years to come.

A Parent is Coming to Live With You

An aging parent is no longer able to live alone. Rather than looking for a unit in an assisted living facility, you choose to offer the parent space in your home. The question is where that space will be.

Consider converting the basement into a lovely efficiency apartment. Install an outside door so your parent can come and go at will. Make sure the space includes a sitting and sleeping area, a kitchenette, and a private bath. Assuming your loved one can still get around with relative ease, make sure the stairs come with sturdy rails and are angled so walking up and down requires less effort.

You Need a Home Office

Creating your own part-time job at home requires a home office. There’s no room for that on the main floor, but you have this large basement that would make a perfect workspace. Contractors who have done a number of finished basements in Burlington can help you settle on a layout that includes storage space for supplies, files, and anything else needed. You can even include a sitting area that will be perfect for meeting with clients or taking a quick break in between tasks.

You Want to Rent Out the Space

The basement apartment idea can also be a means of generating some extra income. Finish the basement so it is suitable for a single person who likes the idea of a minimalist lifestyle. Include a bath complete with a shower, a closet, and a kitchenette in the layout. Add an exterior entrance and you will be ready to become a landlord.

These are just a few ways you can put a finished basement to good use. Think about what type of space you would like to add to the home, then consider how the basement could fulfill that purpose. You’ll find the cost of renovation to be reasonable and you will enjoy using the space for as long as you own the home.