When you are buying products online it is always a good idea to check out some reviews which have been left from other consumers who have already tried the product. What this can help you to understand is things like the build quality, the details, the size and the general use and durability of the product which you are thinking about buying. When you are looking for a review however, you should always look to view them on sites such as Top Consumer Reviews, which collate the best reviews from around the web for your convenience. There is a danger with reading reviews from elsewhere, and here is why. 

Reviews Which Have Been Paid For 

Very often we find that some manufactures or vendors will actually pay people to leave a review for them. Now in general there is nothing wrong with that, assuming that the person who has written the review has actually used the product. Unfortunately however this is not always the case and there will be many instances where you can pretty much tell that the writer has never even seen the product. 


Reviews for places such as restaurants and bars can often be a bit tough to sift through because they are very often based on a single experience rather than a common trait. For example if someone goes to a restaurant and has a bad experience they are likely to come online and vent about it in the reviews section. We all react to bad experiences of course and whilst some of us may simply assume that the restaurant was having a tough evening, others will come at it from the angle of ‘they should no longer be in business’. The point here is that those types of reviews should generally be taken with a pinch of salt. 

Completely False

Using a high quality review site will also ensure that you are able to gain a truthful picture of what the product or service you are interested in is like. There are many reviews across the web which are completely made up, designed simply to increase the online reputation of the company or brand. Believe it or not there are actually factories where people are employed to do nothing more than lease positive reviews under different aliases for their clients. Such is the importance of an online review, these are the lengths that some businesses go to. 

Quality Review

It is not just the fact that a review may be fake when you read it elsewhere, very often they simply lack the depth and the information that a consumer wants to see prior to their purchase. High quality review sites show reviews which are both genuine and informative.

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