The JIRA certification is a very important concept to be taken into consideration by the organisations because it will provide them with a higher level of speed and efficiency since the very beginning. These kinds of agile-based project management frameworks will always make sure that organisations are future proof and ready to be operating into the environment. Tools are considered to be a very important thing of the whole organisation so that they can monitor, calculate and record several kinds of activities and perform them perfectly. The tools become very easy to implement so that overall goals are easily achieved. The top five scrum tools for 2020 are mentioned as follows:

 -Samepage: This particular tool will always allow the organisations to carry out several kinds of tasks for example management, communication, meeting conducting and several other kinds of things perfectly. It will also make sure that more teams can perform effectively and make sure that they can bring all stakeholders into a single platform so that synchronisation is always there. This is considered to be a very popular scrum tool so that communication is integrated and file-sharing tools are kept all together.

 -JIRA: This particular tool is considered to be very much important because of the feature providing process which it undertakes. It will always help in making sure that there is continuous delivery and cycle time is minimised. The road maps are cleared very well and there is a level of clarity to the entire team. This particular feature is considered to be a very important thing to be taken into consideration by the people because it provides a high level of integration into a single click. This particular tool is very much important among the scrum users.

 -Bitrix24: This particular tool is considered to be a very collaborative nature and helps in communicating and managing the projects very easily. This tool is very user-friendly and allows the management of messages, files, emails and tasks into a single place very well. People can perform multiple tasks with this to me and the best part is that communication is always safe and secure because the data security remains intact.

 -Trello: Every agile-based project management company must have proper hands on this particular tool so that they can achieve their goals easily. This particular tool is also based upon colour coding system so that highlighting features of the tools are taken full advantage of. This tool also comes with full ease of usage and provides complete visibility of the scrum framework at every stage.

 -nTask: This particular scrum tool is considered to be very well implemented by the teams and individuals so the task manager is always there and report generation is perfectly done. These kinds of solutions also help in enabling the planning and budgeting for the upcoming projects so that everything can be implemented without any kind of very in the whole process.

 Hence, to avail, multiple advantages having a complete idea about the tools and the JIRA training online is very much important for the people.