Cleaning your house can take too long. This is due to the fact that only a few people know the tricks to clean up in a matter of hours. The best specialists in this field are hotel maids, who have to clean lots of rooms in a short time. They manage to clean timber windows, the bathroom and the rest of the room much faster than you can imagine.

1. Whack Your Drapes Between deeper cleanings

If the curtains don’t require an urgent wash, you don’t need to take them off. They may become dusty, like the rest of the room, but making them clean is much easier. Before vacuuming and dusting sash windows, gently tap the curtains. No need to do it with your hands, take a small towel and gently whack the curtains. Dust will fall to the floor, after which you can proceed to the next cleaning step and wipe the windowsills. If you notice that the window frames are cracked or have lost their original look, contact the professionals who will perform wooden window repair in Harlow. 

2. Wait enough time for the cleaning product to work

Any detergent must be left on a surface for a short time so that it has time to do its work on the cleaned area. You just need to spray a small amount of a cleanser on:

  • tiled floors;
  • bathroom tiles;
  • kitchen stove;
  • sink and bathroom.

Within 5-10 minutes you will notice that grease, limescale and other dirt are washed off much easier. It remains to wipe them with a wet sponge to remove the remaining dirt, and then wipe with a dry towel. There will be no streaks, and surfaces will be squeaky clean.

3. Use products in your kitchen cupboard to cleaning everything

In the kitchen, stains and dirt appear much more often than in any other room. This is due to constant cooking, washing dishes, and so on. To keep your cabinets clean, try not to leave them open. Dust and crumbs can get inside through open doors. If the cabinets don’t close because of loose fittings, try to tighten the hinges and rails. This will minimize the amount of required cleaning inside the cabinets.

Before wiping off dust, put everything outside. Quickly remove any remaining dirt and grease and then carefully put your food and utensils back into their places. Don’t forget about to clean your wooden window and make sure that the kitchen hood is turned on when you cook. Otherwise, condensation will accumulate on the glass, negatively affecting the condition of the wooden frames.