Many of us spend several hours a day or more in our vehicles.  We can be trapped in traffic jams that can feel like an eternity, be exposed to extreme heat or freezing temperatures and face a range of road conditions such as ice.  With this in mind, it is important to improve your overall driving experience and to prepare for every eventuality.

Peace of mind

Dashcams can be installed easily.  They have the capacity to record an exciting journey and can also be invaluable in the event of an accident.  Having a dashcam is like having an independent witness in your car.  Knowing that if you are unfortunate enough to be in accident that you have a perfect record of what happened is crucial. It can help you prove who was responsible for an accident and can give you peace of mind. If you do have an accident, the Nevada-based attorneys Benson and Bingham say that “Even if you don’t think your injuries are severe and even if you don’t think there is much damage to your vehicle, it’s important to call the police.”

Carry a portable jump start kit

We have all experienced at some time the horrors of getting in our vehicle, turning the key and nothing happening.  Being stranded, especially in a remote area is a daunting thought. Having a jump starter kit gives you a battery source that allows you to start your vehicle easily, by using clamps.  It can also be used as a backup power source.  Some starter kits have the capacity to start a car 22 times on charge.  So never be stranded again by carrying one of these in your car.

Fit a Bluetooth car kit

Using this kit will allow you to connect your smartphone to your vehicle and enable you to make calls over your car’s speakers hands free.  It can also be used to play music that you have stored on your smartphone or other devices.  Ideal for entertainment, making the long hours spent in your car tolerable and allowing you to use your phone safely.

Use a USB car charger

Your smartphone needn’t die whilst your in your car if you have a USB charger.  You can replenish your phone’s battery while you are on the move.  USB’s can be used to charge a range of devices such as Satellite navigation systems, tablets and handheld game consoles.  They can be purchased quite cheaply and are available from a wide range of outlets.

Fitting a GPS tracker

This device connects with your smartphone and allows you to know the location of your vehicle at all times.  This facility is very useful should anyone steal your vehicle.  Some trackers have the facility to set up a geofence.  Should your car leave a predetermined area you will be sent an email to notify you of this fact.  A monthly tracking service fee needs to be paid with this device.

Having a tire pressure monitoring system

This particular system helps you easily keep an eye on the health of your tyres.  Most systems measure both the temperature and pressure of your tyres.  Sensors are attached to each tyre and when changes in pressure are detected they show on a display and flash to alert you to a potential problem.

Installing most of these gadgets could give you peace of mind, a better driving experience and the ability to respond to whatever life on the road may throw at you.