When we hear the word society, the first thing that we envision the people in our surroundings and the place that we call our home. A community is a broader word comprised of people relating to different backgrounds, races, or ethnicities. The people living together in one place, speaking other languages or following different traditions, have only one goal in mind, i.e., peace, harmony, and safety. The world has endured many tragic events and is currently undergoing one; it would have vanished long ago had it not been for humans’ efforts to survive. 

We can find multiple shreds of evidence in the history of societies that are no longer existing. The reason they vanished can vary from hunger to least efforts in sustaining each other. Human nature wants to feel a connection or a sense of belonging to carry on with life. When we tell someone about our community, we unconsciously feel a link and a sense of ownership. Even the theory of evolution can prove that humans have always relied on each other, how societies or communities come into being. Cultures or societies are never free of problems or have a magic wand to eliminate such issues. The social workers have been making efforts for centuries to look after society’s issues either for an individual or community on the whole. 

Social work services help people obtain tangible benefits, resolve family disputes, counsel the older adults, or prevent domestic violence. It has enabled many youngsters to serve society and manage the issues to promote a healthy community. If you are a fresh college graduate and looking for degrees with multiple job options, you can choose to pursue your professional education in social work. 

Are you still having second thoughts about choosing a degree in social work? Here is why you should think about it. 


1. It’s a growing field


When we are selecting a degree, we think about the scope it has as a career. No one will choose a job that may no longer be in demand. Social work is rapidly growing, and the job growth rate will increase by 16% in 2026. The average job growth is around 12%, which indicates that individuals with a degree in social work will have plenty of professional opportunities to grab. The percentage of growth ratio makes up about 110,000 new jobs in the upcoming decade. The figure is speaking volumes about why you shall be studying social work

If you have a bachelor’s degree in social work, you can always ace up your professional skills by opting for a master’s degree. A master’s degree can lead you to better career opportunities and help you get promoted to higher ranks with better salaries. Continuing education in the same field will not only enhance your knowledge and let you practice a new set of skills. 


2. Various opportunities


A person with a medical degree or a specialization in cardiology can only work in the heart-related departments. Similarly, an electrical engineer can only shift his career revolving around electrical engineering. A social worker, however, is free to choose from many options or career pathways. You can explore multiple places and always find a job relevant to your degree. As a social worker, you can work in hospitals, health centers, nonprofit and advocacy agencies, and even business firms. You can serve as a client care provider, focus on policy, or even join as a supervisor. 


3. Better service delivery


The modern world is booming with technologies and software. It has changed the pace of service delivery and has replaced many old methods. Technology and societal approach to problems have reshaped social work careers. Many patient-centered healthcare services rely on social workers as care coordinators. Electronic health records, cloud computing, and mobile devices have made it easy for social workers to coordinate with doctors, care providers, nurses, pharmacies, and hospitals. They can also monitor and analyze home-health aides and coordinate with other care service providers for individuals’ safety and well-being. 


 4. You can be the difference


We all wish for the world to be a better place. Some people choose the profession of teaching, a doctor, or a nurse to make a difference. When you decide on a degree in social work, you cannot imagine the extent to which you can bring positive changes in people’s lives. One of the most rewarding benefits of working as a social worker is that you will always feel overwhelmed by the positive impact you will make. A degree in social work enables you to be at the giving hand to solve problems and make life easy for people. The change may not happen quickly but knowing that your contribution will make a little difference is an achievement itself. 


5. It makes you self-aware


The social work career is full of unique situations and challenges. The problems that you will deal with will not always be simple, but it can be extreme. Coping with such a situation will let you explore your emotional strength and identify your niche. You might know your niche,  but working as social work, you may realize that you can deal with aggressive behaviors better than others. It also enables you to learn and practice emotional control and de-stress yourself from the impact of the situation you are looking after. 


6. It reflects your core values


One of the many motives people prefer to choose social work degree is because it aligns with their core values. Some social workers find inspiration to pursue a degree or career by dealing with such incidents in their life. Solving a problem and seeing its positive impact motivates them to help others. After experiencing the cheerful impact fist, helping others is more about positive psychology that can help many people survive the hardship. 


Being a social worker, you will interact with many people and know about their issues and hardships. It allows you to speak for those who cannot raise their voices. Society can use social workers’ help educate women about their mental and physical health; they can work with families to reduce domestic violence and clear out the family dispute. Social workers can also help older adults get along with their life and motivate them to be happy and accept the changes around them.