In 2019, new technologies have continued to drive business change in every industry. For salons, spas and other similar service businesses, point of sale systems have the potential to have dramatic impacts on their bottom lines. With the right merchant solutions, your salon or spa could bring back more return customers, upsell clients and achieve superior growth.

The Potential of Personalization

Consumers want the businesses they patronize to remember them and to make useful suggestions. Capturing customer information and using it to reach out with deals and information can help build loyalty and drive revenue increases. However, it is important for communication to be personalized and helpful.

The right point of sale system can make this process easier. POS systems designed for salons and spas can capture customer information when you make a sale. This can then be used to send useful marketing communication. For example, you could offer a deal to customers who had previously purchased a dye job. Similarly, you could offer a massage upgrade to return customers.

Non-Cash Payment Methods

More and more consumers are moving away from cash. According to Mastercard, 73% of consumer sin 2019 indicated that they use less cash than in the past. Furthermore, they are trying to use different ways to pay. As a salon or spa, your business needs to be able to accept varied payment methods such as contactless mobile and chip card payments.


2019 has continued a trend among businesses of taking deep dives into data. Marketers are getting a better understanding of how to effectively reach customers thanks to powerful analytics insights. Many small businesses can’t afford the time or budget to use big data. However, they can leverage their customer data from their POS systems to gain insights.

Mobile and Online Convenience

Modern consumers want to use their phones and other devices to organize their lives. They like making reservations and want to be able to do so without needing to phone in. Salon and spa businesses that offer the option to book an appointment online will get more customers in 2019.

There are many tools that can enable this functionality. However, for small businesses, keeping multiple systems organized can be a challenge. A fully-integrated POS system that includes appointment setting can be a powerful tool for any business owner to use.

Consumers Are Researching Online

The internet has put global knowledge in the pocket of every consumer. People are researching their purchases before making them, sometimes even in-store. Tools to entice curious customers can have a dramatic impact. POS systems such as the booker clover that make it easier to draw in customer with a system that integrated with your point of sale can be useful to the busy salon or spa owner.

Join in 2019 Trends

Keep your salon or spa business competitive in 2019 with the right toolset to take on these new trends. You can leverage technology to give your company an edge. Draw in more customers and grow your revenues. Get started and join in these 2019 point of sale trends today.