Wedding is the quintessential example of adornment and decoration. Everything about a wedding is decorative and flamboyant. The idea of two souls meeting, wedded with an ecstatic, celebratory aura is what creates a perfect wedding. Now, with time, traditional style and decoration trends for a wedding have palled. Couples are looking for fresh, innovative ideas for making their special day, a remarkably memorable one. Here, we will talk about some amazing, contemporary decoration trends that couples are bringing in to their weddings.

1.Illuminating with candles

Couples are moving more towards lighting the wedding hall with candles. Specifically, candle chandeliers are what being used to light up the atmosphere with an intimate and romantic feel to it. Candles on guest tables is an old thing but candles hanging from the ceiling is certainly a creative innovation and one that could make your wedding stand out. The dim, soothing light of a candle creates a natural environment for emotions of love and sensuality to rise. The perfect feelings for a wedding!

2.Decorating the guest tables

Guests are at the heart of a wedding. Nothing can make a wedding more special than decorating guest tables. Generally guest tables are separate hubs where guests can sit and have food. But, nowadays, couples are looking to enhance this experience. King tables are being used with floral decor to create a more royal, banquet-like feel. 

3.Unique flowery themes

Every wedding has a theme under which everything is decorated. Floral themes are widely used for weddings, especially that of a rose. But, contemporary couples are demanding unique flowery themes unlike the common ones. Unique; beautiful and scarcely available flowers are being used to adorn the weddings. Some weddings use original flowers whereas, some settle for silk flowers, impeccably designed to look original.

4.Wedding in the open

Couples are opting for open lounges and outer settings for their wedding. Marquee and tents are being used to create a unique and romantic vibe for the guests. A more informal feel is added to the aura with this setting as, guests feel more comfortable and open amongst themselves. Also, some couples opt for a more gleamy and glossy ambience like gambling on online slot sites and similar casinos.

5.Wedding arches

Romantic wedding arches where couples stand to take their vows are being designed differently. Instead of using floral designs and adornments, abstract designs and patterns are being used to beautify the arches. Arches are the area of attention and all eyes stick there when couples take their vows so, special preference is being given to embellish the arches in the most appealing way possible.

These are some exciting, creative and innovative trends that contemporary couples have brought in to their wedding. By using these ideas, you can add a catchy feel to your wedding and make it memorable for you and your valued guests.