Wedding registries are very useful tools for couples and their guests. They essentially give guests that were interested in purchasing a wedding gift some ideas on things the couple needs and saves the couple a lot of time in having to answer these questions throughout the planning stages of their wedding

Though it can be a fun and convenient tool to use, it only works if it’s done correctly. As you’re putting together your wedding registry, here are some common mishaps you want to try and avoid at all costs. 

Waiting Until the Last Minute

One of the biggest mistakes couples make when it comes to wedding registries is waiting until the last minute to register. This not only puts a lot of pressure on a wedding planning activity that’s supposed to be fun, but it leaves very little time for guests to acquire the things you’ve registered for. Not to mention, there are some people that will want to give you a gift prior to your wedding that will end up having to guess or give you cash simply because you waited too long to register. 

It is highly recommended that you start your wedding registry not long after you’ve announced your engagement. You can make additions to your list as things pop up in your mind, but at least your guests have a general idea of the things you’re most interested in. 

Making Too Many Registries

Though it’s true that you should register with more than one location for easy access and a variety of gift options, however, having too many registries can have a negative outcome. For starters, it means more work for you as you travel from store to store (or browse each site online) scanning things you want to add to the list. Not to mention, it can be easy to start forgetting what you added to your list at one store, therefore, prompting you to duplicate and or overlook certain items you want. It can also be very overwhelming for guests to keep up with all the registries and gift ideas. 

Thanks to modern technology, there are platforms that allow you to create one wedding registry for a number of products ranging from home decor to travel and gift cards. When you can get everything you ever wanted on one site and can provide guests with one link to search for wedding gift ideas, you’re saving everyone a headache. 

Adding Too Many Expensive Items

Yes, a wedding registry is a list of items the engaged couple would like to receive as wedding gifts. Be that as it may, proper etiquette means considering your guests first. When you create a registry complete with things that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, you’re not being considerate to guests who may not be able to comfortably afford to gift you that much. Keeping everyone in mind, it is best that you add a healthy balance of expensive and affordable items to your wedding registry. 

Not Sharing Your Wedding Registry 

If everyone has to call, text, or message you via social media to find out what you and your significant other would like to receive as a wedding gift, it kind of defeats the purpose of having a registry. The whole idea was to avoid having to answer these questions (or have your guests ask). While it isn’t ideal to add your wedding registry information on your wedding invitation, there are other ways to share the information. Once you’ve created a registry and added items to it, you should share it with loved ones via email, social media, or on your wedding website.

Wedding registries really are a convenient tool that couples should consider creating. It’s a fun way to collaborate as a team on your desires for the wedding and life thereafter. Wedding registries also make it easier for family and friends to select items that you really want to celebrate one of the most precious times in your life.