The garage is often the most overlooked room in a house. In fact most would not even call it a room and would refer to it as an area instead. But realistically, it has at least one door and walls so it is technically a room. And this room can have many uses that enhance and improve your life.

When considering how to best use your garage there are a bunch of options. For those who will not park their cars in their garage, their options are numerous.

Upgrading Your Garage

You can decide to do some construction in your garage and turn it into an extra room in your home that is suitable for one or several of many functions. These include:

A Man Cave – Let the husband have what he has always wanted, a place for him to do all things manly with he and the boys. It can be outfitted with couches, big screen TV and loud stereo system and most importantly locks that keep anyone out who does not know the secret knock.

A Spare Bedroom – Are you tight for space and need an extra bedroom. The garage can be the perfect place to add the extra room. You might even have enough room to put in a bathroom.

A Family Room – Not all homes have a place where the family can comfortably gather and watch TV and play games together. The garage can be that perfect space. You can put if big comfortable couches and maybe even a pool table.

Each of these upgrades can be quite expensive and take some time to complete. A good part of the work can be done as a DIY project. But expect it to take weeks or even months to get it the way you want. If you intend to add plumbing and other city regulated amenities, expect to need to get permitting from your city.

For those who might want to continue to park their car in the garage there is one great option:

Renovating Your Garage

Renovating is a much less involved activity that will cost considerably less and take much less time to complete. A garage renovation can turn your garage into the following:

A Work Room – Many families use the garage to store tools and equipment to repair and maintain things around the house. These can be household, garden and even automotive things. Since the garage can function as a place to bring appliances that might be soiled and track some of this grime with it, the garage can be the perfect place to work on it. For this purpose, you need to have an area where you can work and an area where you can place tools. One critical tool you need to purchase is a pegboard, which is used to store and display tools for easy use. There are several types of pegboard and the best are ones that utilize a strong plastic or other type of pegboard panel and flex-lock pegboard hooks that guarantee your tools will not slip or fall from the pegboard. Having your tools handy and easy to reach saves you time and effort on the jobs you do in your workroom.

The garage is a flexible space that can become a very valuable room in your home. Besides being the place you park your cars, it can add many additional benefits to you and your family.