Every business runs more smoothly when the people in it have a wide range of skills that complement each other. If your team currently lacks in some areas then it is going to be an uphill struggle to make a success of your company, even if this takes a while to become evident.

Thankfully, there are some valuable skills that your team can pick up fairly easily and quickly. By getting the right people to gain these abilities you will be giving your business a solid basis for the future.

Advanced Word and Excel Use

Most people now use Microsoft Word and Excel at least occasionally in their day to day jobs. However, it seems fair to say that a high percentage of them don’t use these powerful pieces of software to their full potential at all times.

It is possible to get a lot more out of them just by learning some of the advanced or hidden features that they offer. The truth is that both Word and Excel are easy to get more out of without too much extra training. A short online course should be enough to let your team members work with more confidence from now on.

SQL Knowledge

You don’t need everyone in your business to get to grips with SQL. However, it can be beneficial to have a least one person in the company go on SQL training London so that they fully understand how to use it.

This is a programming language that is used to manage databases. While this might make it sound rather daunting, it is something that most people can pick up fairly easily. In this way, you can ask them to get hold of the exact sets of data that you need at any time and without any fuss.

Team Leading Skills

You can never have too many people in your business with good team leading skills. These are the people who will help others to progress and will also see the bigger picture in terms of the future of the company and the industry. Even if they don’t actually lead a team right now, they can still benefit from picking up these skills.

If you have an experienced member of staff who isn’t a team leader, sending them on this training can help to motivate them. They should feel enthusiastic about the idea of progressing and becoming a more important part of the team by learning these skills.

Better Problem Solving

Lastly, it is wonderful to have a team filled with people who are skilled at solving problems. Rather than turning to a manager for help every time they run into something new, they can work out for themselves what they can and should do in just about any situation.

This is about letting them more fully understand the processes and the implications of different decisions. However, it is also about them knowing the limits that they can work to and when it really is necessary to get a more senior colleague involved.

If you can add all of these skills to your company then you will feel a lot more comfortable about how your team can handle any situation. This is a sensible, forward looking approach that should also give you a happier, more motivated team in the long run as well.