There are many reasons you may have your own website nowadays. You don’t have to be rich and famous or own a large company to need a website. If you are a writer, you may like to have a place to display your work and meet like-minded individuals. Perhaps you have a small business and you use your website to drum up some new customers every now and then. Or maybe you have a hobby that you like to share with others and have built a website to do just that. But regardless if you have had a professional build your website or if you did it yourself, there are probably a few ways to make it instantly better.

Include Social Media and Follow Buttons

If someone stumbles upon your website by accident and actually likes what they are seeing, there is a good chance that once they leave your website, they will never be able to find you again. This means that you should definitely have social media and follow buttons they can click on for every webpage. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to find you and this will definitely help.

Include Many Images

If you don’t have pictures to go along with everything on your website, you are going to lose a good portion of your audience. Images add so much to websites so to go without them, you are shooting yourself in the foot. If you are not exactly an expert with the camera or can’t figure out how to make your pictures interesting, there are many copyright free images online that you can use without having to pay a dime.

Make Sure It Looks Good on Your Phone

More people surf on their phone in this day and age than their laptop. And if your website does not have the correct formatting to be displayed properly on a cellphone, you are costing yourself hits on your site. Ask your friends to look at your website on their phones and make sure everything is looking good.

Do You Need Translation Services?

With your website being available to anyone on the planet with an internet connection, then you might want to think big. After all, not everyone speaks the same language. You could improve your website with professional translation services that will make all the texts able to be read by everyone.