Bamboo is a fascinating plant that has served many uses throughout the ages. It has a variety of different uses and is something that we’re all familiar it.

But have you thought about the benefits of Bamboo furniture? Bamboo furniture is becoming more popular and you might find that buying Bamboo furniture is the ideal option for your home.

But how do you get started when you want to buy Bamboo furniture?

This guide will show you the benefits and Bamboo furniture tips you need:

Why Bamboo Furniture?

You might have had your eye on a beautiful mahogany desk and therefore, buying Bamboo furniture wouldn’t have crossed your mind.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of why Bamboo furniture is superior to other types of furniture. 

Bamboo furniture might look fragile at times but it’s the most durable furniture you’ll find. It’s harder to wear down compared to other woods such as the aforementioned mahogany. Bamboo can even handle cuts by knives without getting worn down.

The best Bamboo furniture also has resistance to shrinking. This means that it’s one of the best furniture options for year-round weather. Often, various hardwoods can shrink or get damaged with the atmosphere changes. This is true for both the summer and winter months.

But Bamboo furniture can withstand these issues. Bamboo is also much more resistant to stains and other marks on furniture.

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Disadvantages of Other Hardwoods

One of the best ways to understand why Bamboo is such a great material for furniture is to look at the other hardwoods.

For example, let’s return to mahogany. This is one of the most beautiful hardwoods available. Often, consumers will prefer to have mahogany than Bamboo because they find the former more beautiful.

But all hardwoods require much more maintenance than Bamboo. For the average homeowner, this is a burdensome task. This means that your beautiful hardwoods will eventually become ugly.

But you don’t have to worry about this with Bamboo. Bamboo can withstand years of no maintenance. It’s also green-friendly so it can protect against harmful chemicals that can damage it.

Bamboo furniture is also much lighter compared to furniture made of other hardwoods. This means that it’s easier to transport from one room to the next. If you need to dismantle your furniture it’s much easier to do with Bamboo furniture.

It’s one of the most sustainable types of wood and therefore won’t attract termites or other pests.

As you can see, while hardwoods have their advantages you can’t beat the advantages of Bamboo.

Designs From Bamboo Furniture

One of the major detractors of Bamboo furniture is that many homeowners feel that there’s a lack of diversity in the designs available.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth, especially as Bamboo furniture becomes more and more popular. There are Bamboo furniture designs that have a rustic look which is great if you prefer antique and archaic furniture.

Likewise, there are Bamboo designs that are combined with modern architectural materials such as glass or metal. These work well for modern homes and also work for luxury living.

Bamboo furniture continues to become more popular as more homeowners want to invest in sustainable furniture. We can only expect to see greater adoption of Bamboo furniture in the future.

Bamboo Shopping Guide

Now let’s look at a few Bamboo furniture tips you should know before you go out shopping.

When you buy Bamboo furniture you must make sure that it’s authentic Bamboo. Because of its growing popularity, many furniture designers create and sell imitation Bamboo!

Always buy authentic Bamboo and make sure that it’s 100% Bamboo. Even if a small portion of the furniture is made from imitation Bamboo then it can get damaged easily.

Likewise, your furniture shouldn’t have a mixture of bamboo and other hardwood. The Bamboo furniture that contains mahogany or teak etc., will still attract termites, pesticides, stains, etc.

You may want to ask about the source of the Bamboo. While Bamboo is good quality everywhere, you want to choose Bamboo that hasn’t been refurbished or modified in a factory. It’s always best to buy Bamboo that comes straight from a forest or jungle and goes straight to the furniture maker.

Bamboo Furniture Tips

Let’s wrap up with the Bamboo furniture tips you need to know after you go shopping.

You won’t have to stress too much about maintaining your Bamboo furniture. If you invest in high-quality Bamboo furniture then you can expect it to last for several years.

But every now and then you’ll need to wash your Bamboo furniture using a towel and light amounts of water. Make sure that after washing your furniture you give it a thorough dry.

While Bamboo can last for several years, it can get damaged if it absorbs water. The damage is slow and might take several years, but you want to keep it dry no matter what.

You also have to release that while Bamboo is durable you can’t overwhelm its weight. Never leave something on Bamboo furniture too long if it’s not necessary. Once in a while, you should relieve your Bamboo furniture of any weight.

Allow the furniture to ‘rest’ for some time until it ‘heals.’ Usually, 1 or 2 days is sufficient. While many see this as a negative about Bamboo furniture, remember that it’s still more durable and that traditional hardwoods will get damaged much faster if they have excess weight.

Get Bamboo Furniture

Now you know the benefits of Bamboo furniture and can choose the ideal furniture for your home.

Bamboo furniture has many advantages over other hardwoods. It lasts a lot longer and is more durable. As Bamboo furniture becomes more popular you’ll also find more diverse designs. You’ll find great Bamboo furniture to suit your aesthetic whether vintage or modern.

Make sure you also follow our best practices on what to do before and after you buy Bamboo furniture. You’ll be glad you made the switch.

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