About 4.5 million American adults are living with chronic liver disease. In a single year, liver disease and cirrhosis contributed to almost 42,000 deaths.

Your liver plays a big part in your overall health. For example, your liver cleans your blood, breaks down your food, and even stores sugar for energy.

When your liver isn’t healthy, however, it can cause other organs to shut down.

What are the signs of a healthy liver, and how can you keep your liver healthy? Keep reading to find out!

Signs of a Healthy Liver

You might not realize your liver is in bad shape until it’s too late. Here are a few signs of a healthy liver to look out for.

1. No Pain

Are you experiencing any abdominal pain on the upper right side of your abdomen? If you’re experiencing pain and swelling, there’s a chance your liver is stressed.

Pay attention after you eat a fatty meal. If you experience persistent stomach pain, you might want to see a doctor.

A healthy liver, on the other hand, won’t cause these pain symptoms.

2. Regular Bowel Habits

Your liver is responsible for breaking down and absorbing fats from the food you eat.

When your liver functions properly, you should experience normal, regular bowel movements.

Pay attention if you experience a change in your bowel habits. For example, you might experience constipation or diarrhea if there’s a problem with your liver.

3. Clear Skin

Asking yourself, “How do I know if my liver is okay?”

Take a look in the mirror! If your skin looks and feels great, it could indicate your liver is breaking down toxins correctly.

When your liver fails to function, however, toxins can cause itchy, irritated skin. Jaundice could indicate a problem with liver function, too.

4. Energy

When toxins overload your body, it can leave your body feeling exhausted. Meanwhile, a dysfunctional liver will fail to provide you with the nutrients and fuel you need. If you’re feeling fatigued, consider visiting a doctor.

Healthy Habits

Now that you know the signs of a healthy liver, here are a few habits that can improve your liver function.

1. Diet

First, make sure to eat a diet that’s rich in vitamins and nutrients. A nutritious diet can prevent nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. It will also keep your weight under control.

You can learn which nutrients benefit your liver health here.

2. Exercise

Regular exercise can also help you manage your weight. Make sure to keep hydrated when you exercise, too. Water will help wash out harmful toxins from your system.

3. Drink Coffee (Not Alcohol)

Between 90 and 100% of heavy drinkers have fatty liver. If you want to avoid liver disease, replace alcohol with coffee.

Alcohol can cause swelling and scarring in the liver. Coffee, on the other hand, can reduce your risk of liver disease.

Signs of a Healthy Liver: Giving Your Liver the Help It Needs

Stay happy and healthy. Now that you know the signs of a healthy liver, you can give your liver the care it needs. Reduce your risk of liver disease with these tips today!

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