Did you know that 1 in 4 adults check their phone in less than a minute after waking up in the morning? This goes to show just how important mobile phones currently are in most people’s lives!

Mobile marketing should be a huge part of your marketing strategy especially if you’re a small business.

The digital world can help you reach your target audience in new and exciting ways that you can totally benefit from. If you don’t already have a mobile marketing plan, then you to start working on one now.

Keep reading for our guide on the six benefits of mobile marketing for small businesses.

1. Build Customer Relationships

Mobile phones are used constantly for communication so you should make sure that your mobile marketing strategy includes talking to customers. There are plenty of different ways that you can build a relationship with your customers by using mobile marketing.

Social media is a huge reason why people use their smartphones. In fact, it is estimated that by 2025, 72.6% of internet users will only be using smartphones to access the web. Interacting with your target audience on social media is a great way to start building a trusting relationship with people who will want to continue to buy your products or services.

You can use direct messages on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to answer any questions or comments that your customers may have. This is a quick and direct method to resolve any issues. Your customers will be grateful that you have provided them with this service.

2. Mobile Marketing Is Affordable

Depending on your digital marketing strategy, you might be spending some major money to get the word out there about your company and your products. Paid advertising tends to add up very quickly.

Yet, if you take the time to come up with a decent mobile marketing strategy you’ll find that you won’t be spending any money or at least a very small amount. There are ways to run a website for free as well as optimize it for mobile.

You can also find ways to send text messages to your clients for free or at a very low price.

Of course, if you’re a very tech-savvy person, then you’ll be able to figure out a lot of mobile marketing on your own which will be free for you. Making graphics can be easy for some people or you could hire someone for a decent price from Fivver.

3. Easier to Use

When you build a mobile website you will find that it is much easier for potential customers to use it. Navigating your website tends to be much easier when it is in mobile format because it is condensed.

You also may find that customers purchase items online more when they’re shopping on their mobile phones.

One tip for designing your website is that you should make sure that everything loads nice and quick on a mobile phone as well as on the computer. You probably already know that people will tend to leave your website if it doesn’t load quickly on a computer. This is the same for websites on a mobile device.

Load time definitely affects your website’s traffic whether it is on a computer or on a mobile device. Make sure that the mobile version of your website doesn’t have too much going on so that it can load quickly and isn’t too bothersome for potential customers.

4. Creating Mobile Content

Another benefit of mobile marketing is attracting your target audience by posting interesting content on social media. Social media is mostly viewed on smartphones so when creating content like photos and videos you should make sure that it looks appealing on a mobile device.

When creating content you’re looking to appease your highly targeted audience so post things that they will enjoy.

A great way to make your content look more appealing is to edit it. For example, if you post a lot of photos on Instagram, then you might enjoy editing the photos before you post them.

Using a preset on Adobe Lightroom is a great way to edit your photos to make them pop in your Instagram Feed. A preset is basically an advanced filter that you can use to change the way your photo looks.

View more info here about getting Lightroom Presets on a mobile device so you can start editing your pictures right away.

5. Mobile Marketing is Faster

When you pick up your phone you can send a message to anyone in a matter of seconds. This is the same when it comes to using mobile marketing which makes it a huge benefit to small businesses.

Mobile marketing is one of the quickest ways to market a product or service to your clients. If you can build a list of phone numbers for your clients, then you’ll be able to send a quick text message marketing any of your products.

Whether you want to let them know about a huge sale, promotion, or any big event you have going on, then you can let your entire phone number list know in less than a minute.

6. Chance to Go Viral

Many small businesses dream of one day going viral. With mobile marketing that dream can actually become a reality!

Creating posts on social media is a great place to start if you’re a small business that dreams of one day making a viral post. Of course, every single post isn’t going to be a viral one but you never know which one will spark.

Keep posting and keep connecting with your audience. If you build good brand identity through mobile marketing, then one day one of your posts might take off and everyone could possibly see it.

Mobile Marketing for Small Businesses

There are tons of benefits when using mobile marketing for your small business. Make sure that you use the digital world to your advantage to connect with your target audience.

Most people constantly have their phones in their hands so make sure that your mobile marketing strategy is something that will catch their attention.

Whether you’re looking for more information on small business, health, entertainment, or travel we have it all! Make sure to keep scrolling our blog for plenty of tips and tricks that you can use in your everyday life.