There are many bonuses out there but one of the most popular is the reload bonuses. This bonus is available for existing customers and serves to reward them for loyalty to a slots site like

What is the Slots Reload Bonus?

One of the most popular bonuses out there, the slots reload bonus is a loyalty bonus which is offered exclusively to existing customers. There are lots of reasons why players enjoy this bonus.

  1. It is a loyalty bonus, this means that it is only available to existing customers instead of newcomers. It is used by online casinos as a way to stop players from leaving their site and pursuing the welcome bonuses of another online casino.
  2. The slots reload bonus is often a great value for money when compared to a typical bonus, players are essentially given a little extra cash when they deposit whilst a reload bonus is active. The wagering requirements of a reload bonus are much lower than any other slot bonuses too, meaning that players have a better chance to claim their winnings.

How Does it Work

The slots reload bonus is very simple but it can vary in how it is awarded to players depending on which online slots site a player is using. For example some online sites award players a reload bonus every week on a set day whilst others will offer the reload bonus on a more infrequent basis. The exact amount of the reload bonus will also vary greatly. The reload bonus is meant to serve as a little extra amount of cash that the players can use, this cash is not going to be life changing but it is still enough that the players will view it as being great value for money. A reload bonus commonly comes in this form, a player will be told that on tuesday the following week the casino is promising to give players 25% of their first online deposit that day up to £60.

Bonuses Guide

The slots reload bonus is not the only bonus that a player will come across when they are on an online slot site. There are actually a wide array of bonuses which are offered to players.

  •       Welcome bonus is one of the most common bonuses, every player will have been offered this type of bonus when they were just starting out. This type of bonus is available exclusively for newer players and it serves as a way for online casino sites to entice players to sign up with their site.
  •       High roller bonus is a type of bonus which is available exclusively for players who deposit large amounts of money into their online account, these players are commonly referred to as high rollers.

In Summary

The slot reload bonus is very popular amongst players, it is available exclusively for existing customers and has great value for money because of the lower than average wagering requirement. It serves as a little extra reward given to players who deposit money.