Despite having traveled for business for over 5 years now, it was only 2 years ago that I discovered the far superior accommodation option of furnished corporate housing. Now if I am traveling for a short while like a week or two then I will generally stay in a hotel happily, any longer than this however and corporate housing is the only option for me. Whilst there is no doubt in my mind that this is the best type of accommodation, I have to say that not every location gets it quite right with regards to their layout and their management of the property. With this in mind then I wanted to talk a little today about what you should be looking for in a corporate furnished apartment.

Feeling at Home

There is little chance that you are going to find a place which is designed in a way that you would have designed your own home. However it is important to recognize that you should still be picking a place where you can at least feel at home. If you are able to do this and find a place where you can actually live then you are going to enjoy your stay a great deal more. Remember that the whole point of these types of property are so that you feel those home comforts which you are used to, and after just a week you’ll soon get sick of designs which you never really liked in the first place.

Single Point Management

I have stayed in a number or properties which have some convoluted management style where there are more than one manager and you have to speak to each person individually for each issue that you have. I appreciate that they are trying to make things easier for you here, but they do not. the best course of action is to find a property which has a single point of communication with regards to management, this makes it all easier.

Focus on Location

The look of the apartment is important but not as important as the actual location of the place, which is of paramount importance. You need to be close enough to your workspace whilst also being near the amenities which the city or town may have on offer. The last thing you need is to spend the first 2 weeks of your month away, trying to navigate the transport links and find out where the good stuff is.


Make sure that the place you pick offers some flexibility, be it the ability to bring others into the property or perhaps even to bring pets with you. This is supposed to be about you and your needs and if they are not flexible enough for this then it may be time to look for somewhere which can afford you this luxury.

Ensure that you put the work in when looking in order to get the best experience during your stay.