Did you know that there were over 1.3 million lawyers in the USA in 2019?

Whether representing litigation cases, human rights, divorce settlements, or other illegal disputes, lawyers have a greater impact on our lives than we realize.

If you think that you may need legal representation, how can you find out how it can help you?

If you are asking the question “what does a lawyer do?”, why not read our in-depth article below to find out the answer.

1. Experts on Law

You may have the right to represent yourself in court, but let’s face it, it is not a good idea. Even experienced legal professionals do not represent themselves in most cases.

It takes up to seven years of education to become a lawyer. During this time they become experts in general law, and then generally specialize in a particular field, such as tax law.

When you hire a lawyer you are benefitting from this education and subsequently earned experience. You may not have hired a lawyer before. Why not take a moment to read up about tips on preparing for a lawyer consultation.

2. They Can Challenge Accusing Evidence

If you are facing a criminal or litigation case, your accusers will bring evidence against you to prove your guilt.

Where did this evidence come from? How closely can you examine it? Was it collected and handled correctly? Your lawyer will know the best way to find the answers to these questions and help you to challenge the evidence brought against you.

3. They Are Experts at Filing Documents in Court

There is endless paperwork involved in legal cases. One misfiled document could lead to a delay or worse a negative ruling against you.

Your lawyer will take responsibility for or provide guidance regarding the correct filing of documents related to your case.

4. Lawyers Know How to Settle

Experience can make your court experience much easier or even help you avoid a court experience altogether. For example, your lawyer will know whether you should accept a settlement or offer a plea bargain instead of going to court.

In other situations, he will weigh up the evidence and decide that it would be to your advantage to take the case as far as possible.

In any case, the lawyer knows that it is in his best interest to get you the best deal.

5. They Have Access to Case Experts

Is your case related to tax? Or a litigation case in rare circumstances? You may not be an expert on the subject at hand. However, either your lawyer is an expert or they will know someone who is.

They will be able to search their network of contacts to bring on board an expert to defend your case.

What Does a Lawyer Do? and More Important Questions

If you have ever asked yourself the question “What does a lawyer do?” you now likely have the answer and know how they can help you.

The law in some locations may allow you to present your own case. However, hiring a lawyer is often the only way to get effective representation in legal matters.

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