As more and more people are beginning to experiment with vaping, manufacturers are always looking for new ways to improve technology and increase the overall vaping experience. For example, one of the most recent trends in the e-cigarette field is the rise of vape mod kits. These devices incorporate a high-tech chip of some kind that allows users to easily change different settings on their e-cigarettes to improve performance. Vape mod kits are also commonly referred to as “boxes” by vapers or “mods” which refers to the size of the device. This nickname has stuck because vape mod kits are typically much larger than standard vape pens and tanks.

What are Vape Mod Kits?

Vape mod kits are advanced vaping devices that are designed to offer a more customisable vaping experience. These kits typically feature larger battery and more advanced electronics than traditional vaping devices, allowing users to adjust various settings to achieve their desired vaping experience.

One of the key features of vape mod kits is that they allow users to adjust the wattage or voltage of their device, which can affect the amount of vapour produced and the overall flavour of the vapour. Some kits also allow users to adjust the temperature of their coil, which can further affect flavour and vapour production.

How Do Vape Mod Kits Work?

Vape mod kits work by using a rechargeable battery to power a heating element, which vaporises the e-liquid. The user inhales the vapour through a mouthpiece, which is connected to a tank that holds the e-liquid.

One of the key advantages of vape mod kits is that they allow users to customise their vaping experience to suit their preferences. By adjusting the wattage or voltage of the device, users can change the amount of vapour produced and the overall flavour of the vapour. Some kits also allow users to adjust the temperature of their coil, which can further affect flavour and vapour production.

Types of Vape Mod Kits

When it comes to vaping, everyone has different preferences. Some people prefer to build their own coil while others prefer to use pod mods without any built-in atomizer or tank. Whatever your preference is, you should make sure you have one of the best vape mod kits for the job. A vape mod kit is a combination of an e-cig battery and an atomizer (an important part of a vaping device that converts the liquid into vapor for you to inhale). Mods are used by more experienced vapers who are looking for more control over their vaping experience and have moved beyond basic disposable e-cigarettes. In this post we explore some of the different types of vape mod kits available on the market:


  • Box Mods


Box mods are a type of vape mod kit that features a box-shaped design. These kits typically have a larger battery than other types of vaping devices, which allows for longer battery life and more advanced features. Box mods often feature a digital display that allows users to adjust various settings, such as wattage or temperature.


  • Tube Mods


Tube mods are another type of vape mod kit that features a tube-shaped design. These kits are typically smaller and more portable than box mods, but they may have a smaller battery and fewer features. Tube mods often feature a simple one-button operation, making them easy to use for beginners.


  • Squonk Mods


Squonk mods can be quite fun, and they do have a variety of benefits. They are also aesthetically pleasing and offer enhanced flexibility in terms of how you vape. However, there are some downsides to these systems, and it is important to address them before picking one up. While squonk mods do eliminate the need for dripping, the bottles found in some squonk mods tend to fill up very quickly and waste e-liquid. This can make it hard to keep an eye on how much juice you’re using, which can also cause vapers to overuse it. So, if you’re considering a squonk mod, just keep this in mind before making a purchase.


Vape mod kits provide a great opportunity for curious users to experiment with various gradients of settings and personal preferences to find the right vaping experience. Simply knowing what your preferences are – wattage, temperature settings, etc. – will help you make an informed decision on which kit is right for you. It’s worth keeping in mind that as tempting as it may be to buy the most expensive or most advanced kit available, this probably isn’t the best approach. This can even cause you to prematurely upgrade your device before you’ve even given yourself time to settle in and enjoy it. Start by choosing a less advanced kit that meets your budget and needs, and then explore upgrading options at your own pace for future purchases.

While the ideal scenario for many vaping enthusiasts is to create their own custom vaping device, that’s often not feasible due to the high cost of manufacturing and materials. However, with vape mod kits and accessories, users can get a similar customised experience at a fraction of the cost. And while there are some downsides to these products (as we discussed), it’s still a viable option for many people who want a personalised vaping experience based on their own preferences.