Do you ever think about how much of your daily waste goes into landfills? It’s estimated that the average American creates 4.4 lbs. of trash a day and many don’t take steps to reduce their environmental impact. If you want to be more conscious of the amount of trash going into landfills, consider reusing old items instead of throwing them away! Here are 7 creative ideas for how you can reuse everyday items around your home in order to minimize your eco-footprint and do your part in conservation efforts.

1) Repurpose Your Clothes – Did that favorite t-shirt get a small tear? Don’t worry, there are still plenty of ways to repurpose it! Cut it up and make headbands or scarves with fabric scraps, turn an oversized shirt into a cute dress for a petite friend or kid, or even stitch patches over any rips or holes and give it new life. The same concept applies for other types of clothing as well—jeans can become shorts, sweaters can be turned into pillows…the possibilities are endless!

2) Make a Chair from an Old Barrel – A great way to give something new life is to turn it into furniture. An old wine or whiskey barrel can be transformed into a unique chair that will bring a rustic charm to any room. You’ll need some basic tools and supplies, but the instructions for how to make one can easily be found online for free. If you don’t have access to barrels, don’t worry—old tires and wooden pallets also make great chairs with just the right amount of DIY spirit!

3) Use Your Glass Jars as Storage Containers – Save those glass jars after finishing up your food items like pickles, jams, olives, etc. Instead of throwing them away, use them to store small items around your home like buttons, beads, coins and more. The jars also make excellent vessels for homemade candles—you can fill the bottom with wax chips and insert a wick for a custom candle in any scent you choose!

4) Use Old magazines as Gift Wrap – Rather than buying wrapping paper from the store (which often isn’t recyclable anyway), why not reuse old magazines you already have lying around? All it takes is some scissors and tape and you can create beautiful gift wrap in no time. You can even add ribbons or other decorations to make your presents look extra special!

5) Turn Plastic Bags in Art – Don’t just throw away those plastic bags after a grocery run—instead, you can use them to create stunning art pieces. All it takes is some paint and imagination! Cut up the bags into strips and use them as stencils for drawings or shapes on canvas. You can also heat them so they shrink and make 3D designs with the malleable material.

6) Reuse Egg Cartons for Seed Starter Pots – Egg cartons are great for protecting delicate eggshells from cracking, but did you know that they can also be used to start plant seedlings? Cut off one section of the carton and fill each cup with soil. Place your seeds in each cup and water regularly until sprouts start to form. Then you can transplant the seedlings into a larger pot or even your garden!

7) Donate Old Items – If all else fails, donating items that you no longer need is a wonderful way to reuse them and help out others in the process. Thrift stores are always looking for donations, so consider giving clothing, furniture and other household items to those in need. Organizations like Goodwill also give you tax-deductible receipts for your donations which can help come tax time! For old items you don’t need and can’t repurpose, look for a reputable local junk removal service to help responsibly get rid of them.

These are just some of the many creative ways you can reuse old items around your home. By taking steps to reduce waste and repurpose instead of throwing away, you’ll be helping make our world healthier.