It’s interesting to note that 55% of the world’s renewable energy is now solar. By 2050, most parts of the world could run exclusively on solar power.

There are many benefits of installing solar panels. Today, solar energy helps save saving money and keep the environment clean.

If you care about protecting the environment by going green, now is the best time to install solar panels on your roof. They increase the value of your home while helping you to be energy efficient.

Here are the best types of roofs for installing solar panels.

Tile Roof

This is a common roof for solar panel installation. It’s suitable for household and commercial installation techniques.

The roof is also well suited for the DIY design of household roofs, which satisfies the aesthetics and reuse of the roof.

Solar panel installation on a tile roof is laborious. The installers must hook panels in a way that will lift them slightly above the roof.

Metal Standing Seam Roof

This is the best roof for installing solar panels. The standing seams simplify the task of attaching the solar array.

The cost is cheap thanks to fast and easy installation. This type of roof doesn’t require holes being drilled into the roof. It’s durable and can last for over three decades.

When selecting this type of roof, ensure you consult with your solar installer to make sure the metal thickness is right for the roofing clamps. You should also consult with an engineer to confirm that the roof is properly attached to the rafters.

Solar installers such as BluePower Plus+ will offer you 18 months free solar power so you can save on utility bill costs.

Commercial PVC Roofs

There are many reasons to install solar panels on commercial PVC roofs. They’re durable, moisture, wind and tear-resistant, and have fire-retardant properties. The membranes can work to self-extinguish in case of a fire.

They also have reflective and insulation properties, making them highly energy-efficient, reducing the cost to heat and cool.

Metal Retrofitting Roof

Retrofitting is eco-friendly because of less scrap materials that end up as waste. It takes advantage of reusing your present roof insulation in addition to insulation from the membrane.

Installing solar panels on this roof cuts energy costs and regulates the building temperature. Even though it’s a bit costly, installs last 30-60 years.

Installing Solar Panels

Solar installation involves working with equipment and panels that produce lots of electricity in the sunlight. This means that you should consider safety while installing solar panels despite the roof type.

The work involved requires a professional’s assistance for correct instalment. Specific standards need to be upheld during the process to ensure durability.

You must ensure that your roof is strong enough to support the weight of the solar panels. Measure the dimensions of your roof and make sure that your solar panels can fit in the available space.

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