Have you ever received a gift card and been unsure of what to do with it? With so many options, you may be overwhelmed and not know where to start!

Here’s what to do with your unused gift cards – go shopping, give them away, spend them online, or even donate them to a charitable organization; the choice is yours!

Get creative and make the most out of your gift cards – now’s your chance to turn them into something even better!

Donating Unused Gift Cards

Many organizations accept gift card donations, including nonprofits, shelters, schools, religious organizations, and charities. To donate your unused gift card, contact one of these organizations to find out if they accept gift cards and what denominations they accept.

You can also check if the store or service associated with your gift card participates in a gift card donation program. Gift cards can be donated online, through the mail, or in person.

Donating your unused gift card is beneficial to those who need it and can help the organization you donate to provide services for those in need.

Sell Gift Cards

Selling your gift cards can be a great way to get a little extra cash. You can take your gift cards to individuals and get cash from them. 

This gives you more control and flexibility over your spending. Selling gift cards can help you recoup the money you put into them and can help you get a better deal on the products that you want to purchase.


Re-gifting is an incredibly useful way of extending the life of a gift card that you don’t need. Some gift cards have expiration dates, so it is important to pay attention to when these dates are.

If possible, try and give these cards to individuals who can use them in time before the expiration date.

Exchanging Gift Cards for Cash

You can exchange gift cards quickly and easily online. When you exchange your unused gift cards, you will receive the cash value of the card in the form of a check or PayPal payment.

This is the quickest and easiest way to recoup the money on a gift card that you would not use. Also, when exchanging gift cards for cash you can often include multiple gift cards from different stores or organizations so you can get the most money possible.

Not only will you receive cash for your unused card, but you can also use the money for whatever purpose you need. You will find here the best ways to exchange your gift cards in the most convenient way possible.

Learn What to Do With Your Unused Gift Cards Today

Gift cards are a great asset that is often underutilized. While there are several ways to spend them, donating, trading, and re-selling are easy and beneficial alternatives to allowing them to become unusable.

Take ownership of your unused gift cards and find a way to share your good fortune with others. Put your cards to use today!

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