If you’re not able to start your car or your battery continues to die after leaving it parked for a few days, it may be time to replace your car battery. Find out where to turn for a replacement car battery, safe battery recycling and the correct windshield wipers size for your vehicle. Take time to maintain your ride and avoid issues on your daily commute.

How To Know When You Need To Change Your Auto Parts

There are a number of auto parts that need to be changed as part of your routine maintenance schedule. Some parts have built-in warning signs, like brake pads that squeal when they wear down. Others, like batteries, often fail completely with little or no warning.

Thankfully, a free battery test can help you stay on top of your battery replacement maintenance schedule. A visual inspection of your battery won’t show you how much lifetime it has left, but a battery test at a local auto parts store can. Discuss the results of the test with an in-store representative to determine the best time to swap out your old battery.

Removing a car battery is a straightforward project, but safe disposal of your old battery can be difficult. Lead-acid batteries are harmful if improperly disposed of, so take your old batteries to an auto parts store for safe recycling. Don’t attempt to throw your old car batteries in a landfill or traditional recycling center. Both the lead plates and the acid can be harmful to both individuals and the environment without careful disposal.

Ask about the timeline of other auto maintenance tasks. Windshield wipers, for example, should be replaced every six months. Streaking, skidding and other poor performance signs mean that you need a new set of wipers. Measure each blade or lookup your vehicle at an online store to find the correct replacement size.

Don’t wait until your battery completely fails. Stop by a local auto parts store before you have a dead battery to have it tested. All batteries have a limited lifetime, so consider replacing your battery if you don’t know how old it is. There are a number of different sizes and dimensions of car batteries, so it’s important to choose the right replacement battery. An improper replacement may not be a safe or efficient replacement option.

Discuss the results of the test with an in-store representative to determine the best time to swap out your old battery. You can visit online auto parts store to get a great deal on your new battery.

Choosing a New Car Battery & Windshield

Compare leading brands easily when you shop online. Online shopping allows you to compare important features, like warranties, battery sizes and other information, while shopping only for parts that fit your make, model and year of vehicle.

If you need a large replacement part, in-store pickup makes it easy to receive the special-order parts you need without paying extra for shipping. Discuss the parts you need with a local auto parts technician for hassle-free ordering and confident DIY maintenance.

Once you find the best battery or windshield wiper replacement, enjoy fast shipping or affordable in-store pickup. Pick up your parts in store to have battery testing, error code reading and other free services performed to stay on top of your auto maintenance tasks.