Medical Professionals

Software solutions like the medical-based eClinicalWorks have completely modernized the way in which business and health care operates and they have allowed these industries to streamline operations and improve them greatly. If we are to discuss the health industry with regards to software solutions then we cannot miss out eClinicalWorks, a software suite which is revolutionizing health care centers and providers all over the country. This is a piece of software which is being used more and more each year and here is why it is so popular.


eClinicalWorks was a company which was founded in 1999, just as the digital revolution was beginning to hit the news. Over the years this software and the company have improved, and they currently hire over 5,000 employees and serve over 130,000 nurses and doctors, along with a whopping 850,000 medical professionals. The software and the service that this company provides is dedicated to the healthcare industry and their tech solutions include cloud-based operations. This is a company which is privately held and because of that they are able to react and respond to what customers want.

The Cloud Software

Something which eClinicalWorks are most proud of is their cloud-based software, a solution which helps out thousands of medical professionals. This attractive feature gives medical services and providers the chance to manage sensitive data with ease and they can secure this data without any fear of the information being breached.


The software which eClinicalWorks provides is not just about offering a solution to data management, it will also provide key metrics which medical services can depend on. These metrics can give breakdowns of the type of patients which they have, population health, revenue cycle management, patient engagement, number of claims or false claims and a huge array of metrics which can help to improve service.


Speed is a key feature of a range of software solutions and that is no different when it comes to eClinicalWorks. Information going from point A to point B must be done in a heartbeat, if you’ll excuse the pun, and that is what this software provider can ensure. This company has 9 data centers across the USA which means that they can guarantee the speed and reliability of your information being sent, critical to the medical world.

Accurate Reporting

There is a huge decrease in the requirement for manual data entry as a result of using this software and that means that there are far, far fewer mistakes. What this means is that staff can have more time within the day to invest in more pressing issues, as well as almost eradicating the risk of errors being made. Accuracy is crucial in patient care and this is yet another reason why so many are turning to eClinicalWorks.

This is a software suite which is delivering time and time again and it will only get better as the years move forward.