It is nowadays really simple to launch an online store. There are so many platforms that you can use, like Shopify, Zencart, WooCommerce and Magento. The problem is that every single new online business is facing huge competition. While the technical side of things is not at all difficult to deal with, actually running the site is another thing, this is where you need a good ecommerce agency to help with the technical work

Ryan Grigson stats that success is only guaranteed for an eCommerce business in the event that brand new customers are consistently gained and those that exist are turned into repeat customers.

It does not matter if you are a retail merchant and you want to start an online store or you just start the eCommerce business from zero. The following mistakes are those that are really common and you need to eliminate in order to be successful.

Lack Of A Targeting Plan

When you run an eCommerce website you do not need the formal strategic plan that is required for brick and mortar businesses. However, a plan is necessary to at least determine how specific people segments are targeted. A business plan is always necessary in order to be successful. You need to at least know who the customers are, what they enjoy, what can be sold, what draws them to a brand and how much people want to pay for what you sell.

Lack Of Value Proposition

Why should people buy from you? This is one of the most important questions in business since competition is so high. You want to know the fact that most people make the decision to leave or buy in just seconds. You can only affirm a decision to stay in the event there is a good enough UVP (unique value proposition) in place. It is this value proposition that sets you apart from the other eCommerce platforms that can be used by the customers. Basically, this is the promise that you make and that you should always respect in order to gain new clients and keep those that you have.

Hiding Product Information And Details

Many online retailers now make this mistake. They hide many different details, like complimentary items that are added to a product, discounts or rebate, some features that are considered to be less-important or surcharges that would apply when delivering to some parts of the country. The belief is usually that a customer loves surprises so if one is offered after the purchase is made, the satisfaction level will be higher. Unfortunately, the truth is that all customers end up feeling tricked in such cases. They end up thinking that they paid more than they should have, which is never a sentiment you want to promote.

Lack Of After-Sale Customer Treatment

If a customer is gained, he/she should never be forgotten. It is important to offer a really good experience even after the purchase was made so that you can increase the possibility that a future purchase will be made. Retailers need to find way to promote interaction with the customers after buying something through messages, email, live chat, push notification or whatever works.