There are numerous benefits to enrolling a young child in an early learning centre during their preschool years. When it comes to early child care, daycare centres in Australia are a lot more than some form of group babysitting service. They are places of fun and education.

Let’s take a look at some reasons why your child will enjoy spending time at an early learning centre and why you, as a parent, will love it too.

 Kids Get To Spend Time With Other Kids

Humans are social creatures from the moment we are born. In some ways, kids are even more social than adults, as they haven’t yet developed any biases in any way and are simply happy to associate with other kids around their age.

What’s important in a group situation such as this is that your child will learn good social skills. They’ll also become familiar with things like teamwork, listening to the thoughts and ideas of others and discovering different personalities.

Things are also a lot more enjoyable for kids when they get to indulge in activities in a group situation.

 Creative Activities Is Part of the Curriculum

Kids love to do creative stuff and this is also very important for the development of their young minds. Creativity teaches kids to focus and concentrate without the need to force themselves to do it. The reason being is creative activities is naturally enjoyable and engrossing. They take concentration and focus, but with minimal effort. Creativity also positively expands mind development.

It’s also beneficial for children to be creative at an early age, as they can discover talents and areas they are good at. This builds confidence and they may have a talent that should be developed further as they grow older.

Creative activities may include:

  • Child care art programs
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Playing an instrument
  • Singing
  • Music appreciation & music therapy
  • And more…

 Delicious Food That Kids Will Love

Most daycare centres and early learning centres will offer a child care food program. This includes feeding the kids throughout the day, but there’s more to it than merely providing children with something to eat.

These days, early childhood centres focus heavily on good nutrition. Not only do they provide delicious meals that kids enjoy, prepared by on-site chefs, but the meals are designed to be extremely healthy and balanced.

Kids are also taught about proper nutrition and the benefits of healthy eating, along with drinking fresh juices and so on.

Some early learning centres even produce their vegetables, nurtured and grown by the children. This way, kids get a better understanding of where their food comes from, how to grow vegetables, harvest them, and then enjoy the fruits of their labour by eating the very vegetables they helped produce.

 Mastering the Basics of Education

An early learning centre is not a school, but some core subjects are included in the curriculum of many centres. These will include teaching the kids math basics, English, science and even computers. However, all subjects are approached with fun in mind as children will learn more quickly when they are enjoying themselves.

Children learn the basics through a variety of activities, where they interact with the problem, each other, or even form groups to solve a problem.

When children have mastered some of these basics in core subjects, by the time they start school, they’ll have a greater understanding and will be a lot more confident when they find themselves in a classroom environment, dealing with subjects like mathematics, English and science.

 Physical Development Through Exercise and Fun Activities

Throughout each day, kids will get exercise at an early learning centre, as well as indulging in fun physical activities that maintain their fitness and promotes positive muscle development, coordination, balance and fine motor skills.

Every child enjoys being active and has the energy to burn, so they will love the activities they get to take part in at an early learning centre.

 Most of All, Your Child Will Have Fun

Early learning centres have so much to offer both children and their parents. They are far more than just daycare. Your child will always be learning something new and developing, but most of all, the kids will have fun.