Any collector knows that something’s value isn’t simply determined by its monetary worth. If you’re not convinced, ask those who collect $100 bills with particular serial numbers, hang on to priceless coins for the sentimental worth, or cherish pricey family heirlooms.

We’re going to discuss collectible U.S. coins in this article, digging into the historical and sentimental value. Many of these coins are also worth some good money, though, but it’s important to look past that sometimes.

Hopefully, you can have a few more ideas for your collection after reading this article.

Collectible U.S. Coins with Deeper Value

It’s important to understand the context and importance of a coin in addition to its dollar value. That said, if you understand a coin’s worth and find that it’s valued highly, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sell it.

You might find that owning a little piece of history is more valuable, though. Some of the coins listed below will be described as general categories. Most notable specific coins are worth a lot of money, so their monetary value would outshine their sentimental value.

We’ll start out with one such coin, though, because it turns out they’re not worth all that much.

1. The Wheat Penny

Wheat pennies are distinguishable by the presence of two strands of wheat on the backside. They still have Lincoln’s face on the front, but the back differs significantly from modern pennies.

There are some wheat pennies that are worth a great deal of money, so it’s wise to check into them when you get them. That said, most aren’t worth that much more than a dollar or so.

They’re an interesting recent relic. Minted from 1909 to 1958, the sentimental value of wheat pennies is found in their rarity, history, and closeness to the present day.

2. Military Challenge Coins

Military challenge coins are very important to the people they’re granted to. Service members carry these coins with them at all times as a part of military culture.

The tradition started with one squadron in WWI but quickly spread throughout the reaches of the military. These coins are representative of much more than monetary worth. In fact, they don’t have much monetary worth to speak of in most cases.

Whether you’re just entering the national guard or you’re receiving a great honor from the president, you may receive a military challenge coin as a way to signify your accomplishment.

They’re called “challenge” coins because of the tradition that servicemembers have created around them. As members became expected to have their coins on them, individuals would ask others to show present their coins.

While there may not have been any real consequences for not carrying the coin, you could be asked to buy a round for the bar or perform some unusual task if you didn’t have the coin on you.

Over time, the tradition evolved into something that holds a lot more significance for a lot of people.

Want to Learn More?

There are a great deal of collectible U.S. coins, but you might find that the most important ones to you have very little monetary value. If you’re interested in learning about more specifics of coins and collecting, we’re here to help.

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