In the last few years city-breaks have become one of the most popular and most trendy forms of travelling and getting to know new places, especially among the younger generations. The astounding accessibility of cheap flights and readily-available deals on tickets, admissions, accommodation and a plethora of sharing platforms allow thousands of people to grab their backpack, a pair of sunglasses and visit a different city every weekend. The beautiful country of Poland is among such destinations worth considering. The city-break craze is still not that evident and the country offers an amazing choice of travel destination in lots of different flavours. Here are some of our top picks.

Seaside tourism in Gdańsk

The city of Gdańsk has been one of the most popular travel destinations in Poland for quite some time now and that is only for the better. As a result, this historic city is now not only tourist-friendly but it is safe to say that it is tourist-oriented. This very fact translates to a number of services especially for tourists and, what is even more important, a good choice of accommodation options. The city itself is a mix of beautiful architecture with traces of Dutch mannerism, cosy restaurants serving delicious food and some of the best museums reflecting on both Polish and regional history, such as European Solidarity Centre, The Museum of World War II or The National Maritime Museum. The possibilities are endless and to help you choose the right itinerary it might not be a bad idea to turn to any Polish Travel Agency that will assist you in creating an itinerary matched to your travel needs and expectations.

Fun in Kraków

Another safe bet on the list is Kraków and much like abovementioned Gdańsk its touristic value as top travel destination cannot be overstated. Busy streets packed with tourists regardless of the time of the year are a true testament to that. Kraków holds an amazing historic value as a former capital of Poland, seat of numerous Polish kings, epicentre of Jewish culture and omnipresent representations of turbulent times of World War II. However, the city is not solely aimed at history geeks. The night life in Kraków is one of a kind and the number of offers on pub crawls to be found is impressive. This is also a very popular destination for stag and hen parties. Kraków offers a multitude of options and possibilities and it is a perfect starting point for your travels in Poland as the region is bursting with things to see and do. Again, and this cannot be stressed enough, time limitations and time management are of vital importance in this type of travelling and a you might reach to Polish travel agency for some ideas or ready-made packages.

Busy life in Warszawa

If history is not your vibe or you find both previous cities a tad too crowded you may want to try the country’s capital – Warszawa. This is a modern business centre with the prevailing ever-present feeling of purpose and stuff being done. A selection of boutique hotels and hip hostels for the backpacking communities. Michelin star restaurants and small backstreet kitchens serving genuine dishes from the entire world. This European capital is overflowing with life and countless international travellers with whom you may share your stories and gain new friendships. Although the old town is relatively small due to the damages sustained during WWII there is still plenty to see. Some of the tourist attractions are scattered around the city but this gives you an amazing opportunity to witness regular city life on your way between places.

And many, many more…

These are only a few ideas that you just cannot go wrong with and a perfect start to your journeys to Poland as there is lots to be discovered. Bydgoszcz that is beautifully situated on the Brda and the Vistula rivers, the modern city of Poznan, Sopot with its pier and seaside chill or Wroclaw with over a hundred bridges and its dwarfs. Ultimately, the best scenario is where you experience at least a few Polish cities so that you can know what is what and get to know both the atmosphere and the people. For your travel ideas you can always reach to a trusted travel agent such as ITS Poland with their extensive database of tourist attractions available for free on the website. Poland truly is a special place on the map of Europe and once you visit you will surely come back again.