Poland is very rich in natural wonders. They are magnets for tourists every year. ITS Poland Travel Agency is one of the best well known DMC companies in Poland. This time they will give us their remarks on the best and the most interesting natural places in the country. 

10 biggest natural marvels in Poland by ITS Poland Travel:

  1. Białwieża National Park (UNESCO Enlisted)
  2. Moving sand dunes in Słowiłski National Park
  3. Raj Cave
  4. Bear Cave
  5. Błędowska Desert
  6. Kłodawa pink salt mine
  7. Wieliczka salt mine with underground lakes
  8. Dunajec Gorge Cruise
  9. Siklawa Waterfall
  10. Hel Spit 

Białowieża National Park

It is enlisted in UNESCO World Heritage List and is the only natural forest in European Lowlands. It is also European Bison Sanctuary. Tourists arriving to this place should visit Natural History Museum of Białowieża National Park, see Bisons in Bison Sanctuary and also stroll in Białowieza village to admire wooden architecture and take a longer trekking in one of National Park rangers to see the beauty of the national park.   

Moving sand dunes in Słowiński National Park

Have you ever wanted to see how a desert looks like but you are afraid of scorching heat? No problem, you just have to visit Słowiński National Park in the central Poland and take a walk at huge sand dunes. The feeling is overwhelming. Next great thing is that the dunes move, so every time you get there you will see a different landscape! Tourists in this area should also visit the amusement Sea Park Sarbsk and Dinosaur Park in Łeba.  

Raj Cave

It is said that Raj Cave (Eng: Paradise Cave) is the most beautiful cave in Poland due to its outstanding stalactite and stalagmite formations. Tourists will also find here rare cave pearls. Visiting St. Cross Mountains region it is also worth to visit ruins of Checiny Castle nearby and Krzemionki Prehistoric Striped Flint Mining Region enlisted at UNESCO World Heritage List

Bear Cave

It is located in the Sudetes mountain range and is bigger than Raj Cave. Still, it is so interesting that the entrance there usually has to be booked a few months in advance. It has beautiful colourful cave formations and while in the area, it is also worth to visit Uranium Mine and Czarna Gora Ski Resort.

Błedowska Desert

It is the only desert of this type in Europe. It is great to admire it from two viewing points (we advise Czubatka Hill) or on horseback and quads. 

Kłodawa Salt Mine

It is the only pink salt mine in Europe. It has a tourist part but it is also still fully operational salt mine. Another plus is that the tourist route is deep, almost half a kilometre underground, which means that even in the middle of winter it is still warm inside. 

Wieliczka Salt Mine

Wieliczka Salt Mine, along with Bochnia Salt Mine, are enlisted in UNESCO World Heritage List. Both of them are based on greyish-green salt deposits. Wieliczka Salt mine is especially famous for its truly enchanting underground lakes, magnificent and huge salt caverns and salt sculptures. The unquestionable highlight of every trip is St. Kinga’s Chapel. 

Dunajec Gorge Cruise

It is one of the biggest attractions of Pieniny National Park. The cruise starts in Sromowce Nizne or Wyzne and usually ends in Szczawnica. The cruise takes place on traditional wooden rafts with professional raftsmen in folklore outfits with great sense of humour. 

Siklawa Waterfall

It is the most magnificent of Polish waterfalls. It is situated in the Tatra National Park and on the trail from Wodogrzmoty Mickiewicza Waterfall to 5 Ponds Valley in the High Tatras. It is a rout undertaken by experienced tourists in good shape. Still, glorious views are unforgettable. 

Hel Split

It is often mistakenly called Hel Peninsula. It is natural split in the north part of Poland, sheltering one of the biggest Polish harbours Gdańsk. Still, for tourists it is mainly a great summer seaside vacations destination. With popular seaside villages and towns: Hel, Jurata, Jastarnia, Kuznica, Chalupy and Wladysławowo. It is also a Mecca for Polish windsurfers, offering excellent wind and kite surfing conditions

Poland is a beautiful country, still undiscovered by wider masses of tourists. Immerse yourself in its beauty with local Polish travel agency ITS Poland. To learn more about sightseeing options, we recommend visiting ITS Poland travel website