If you’re in the medical profession and you’re looking for a seamless way to advertise for and hire the right staff as positions become available, then you’ll seriously want to consider retained recruitment. Let’s take a look at 10 reasons why.

#1 – A Dedicated Account Manager

With retained search recruitment, you will have your very own dedicated account manager. Your appointed account manager will work very closely with you regarding your specific recruitment needs. This helps to save time and ensure that candidates fit the criteria precisely and that they have the relevant qualifications and experience.

#2 – Exclusivity Leads To Better Results

Retained search is an exclusive partnership between the employer and the recruitment agency. This gives you the benefit of increased dedication and focus when it comes to searching for appropriate candidates for your vacant position. Having vacancies listed with multiple agencies can lead to more time-wasting and stress.

#3 – More Time and Resources Devoted To the Search

Retained search recruitment allows the recruitment firm to truly dedicate their time and resources to the search for the right candidate to fill a position. Exclusivity leads to dedication and focus, as previously mentioned, and therefore a more devoted and seamless transition from job vacancy to position fulfilment. This is also where it’s important to find an industry-specific, healthcare executive search firm. When playing at this level, you need to ensure the firm you’re hiring has the experts you need to identify, vet, and select top tier candidates.

#4 – No Need To Post Your Own Job Ads

Many employers spend countless hours scripting job ads to place on online job boards. Once posted, employers then have to field and screen all of the applications and applicants. This can be stressful and extremely time-consuming. Retained recruitment negates the need for you to have to place any of your own job ads, as the recruitment firm will handle all of this on your behalf.

#5 – Not Just Any Applicant – The Right Applicant

The whole idea of utilising the services of a professional healthcare recruitment firm is to ensure you are presented with applications that meet your specific and essential criteria. Contingency recruitment can lead to applicants being sent your way that only partially fit the bill, whereas retained search recruitment virtually guarantees only the right applicants will be forwarded to you for consideration.

#6 – Develop An Enduring Partnership With Your Recruitment Agency

It was said earlier that an exclusive agreement leads to a more productive outcome. It also leads to developing a professional relationship between employer and recruitment firm that will no doubt prove to be mutually beneficial. Your recruiter will know what your needs are and will work quickly to fulfil them.

#7 – Protect Your Brand and Company Reputation

Ensuring that your brand and reputation remain in a positive light is extremely vital in the modern world, as anything negative can spread rapidly via the internet these days. Branding is everything. Therefore, when it comes to advertising vacant positions and having the entire process conducted in a professional manner, it’s imperative that you team up with a reputable and reliable recruitment agency. The best way to guarantee your integrity remains intact is through using one agency exclusively, rather than risking placing job ads with multiple recruitment firms.

#8 – Maintain Confidentiality

Confidentiality is important to many businesses and organisations, so if confidentiality is something you require, then you increase the chances of maintaining that confidentiality by enlisting the help of one recruitment agency exclusively when seeking job applicants to fill a vacant position in your business.

#9 – You Will Get That Vacancy Filled Quickly

No doubt, if you have a position you need filled, you’ll want to be able to do that in relatively quick time for the sake of ongoing business operations. With your exclusive partnership with a professional medical recruitment agency, it’s virtually a guarantee that you’ll find a suitable candidate in quick time.

#10 – Focus On Your Business and Not On Recruitment

You have more pressing things to focus on other than spending hours and hours trying to recruit new staff members. That’s why you’re better served to leave that to a professional service and leave yourself free to focus on your business.

The Wrap

There are numerous benefits to retained search when it comes to your recruitment needs. An exclusive deal with a professional medical recruitment agency will develop into an ongoing and mutually beneficial partnership.