Is there someone missing in your world for either a short or long period of time?

In the event you said yes, what steps are you willing to take to try and track them down?

By going that extra mile to try and find them, you have a better chance of in fact seeing where and how they are.

So, who might be missing in your world?

Can the Internet Play a Pivotal Role in the Search?

When looking for someone you’d like to find out where they are and even maybe connect with again, here are three tips:

  1. Internet may play a pivotal role – Have you given any thought to the Internet playing a role in all this? By going online, you may be able to find out where the person is or it may even be persons you are looking for. By entering a full name and any other details you have, an online search may point you in the right direction. If you are in the UK or looking for someone you think may be there, try doing a UK people search. In such a search, you could end up with a solid lead in the process. You may come across a home address, phone number and more pertinent details. If this does occur, you may then decide to try and reach out to them. Keep in mind that some people purposely want to go off the radar (see more below). As a result, it is important to be respectful of one’s wishes if you come across this with an individual in your life.
  2. Network with others in your life – As big a role as the web can play, also think about networking with some others. That would be an individual or individuals with a connection to the person you are searching for. They may have talked to the person as of late. Ask them if they would be willing to pass any recent information they have on the individual along to you. The hope is they will and you can move on from there. That is to try and get a little closer to finding where that person is and how they are doing now.
  3. Know when to hold back – Even when you want to reconnect or at least have them know you were looking, be respectful. Some individuals for this or that reason do in fact want to be left alone. While you may not like that fact with one you know, you still need to be respective of their wishes at the end of the day. Not doing so could leave a permanent rift in a relationship you had with them. They may in fact need some time to themselves and things could change down the road. That is if you are patient enough to wait things out.

While you go looking for someone missing from your world, know it can take some digging.

Also know that whatever happens, you gave it your best shot and will be accepting of what happens.