There is a massive emphasis in our world today to achieve more, earn more, gain more, have more (of everything) than our peers and be the best we can be all the time.

Inevitably, the conversation and all the internet searches you do will center around money. There’s a ton of information out there on investments for beginners which deal with virtually endless investment possibilities.

Whether you’re doing it because you’re desperate to make a buck, or you want to expand your portfolio, or maybe you’re just plain bored and need something a bit different, there are many reasons why someone would want to make various investments. 

In this article, we’ll be taking a shallow dive into the world of investment, and things you can look out for in your next venture.

Invest in alternative assets

Alternative assets are classified as investments that won’t be affected if a stock market crash occurs. In other words, they’re not dependent on the stock market and its fluctuating values.

Things like agriculture, classic and vintage vehicles, antiques, and fine art are all examples of alternative assets – and there are many more – crypto is an entirely new asset class to consider!

We understand that not everyone has millions of dollars to spend on expensive cars or pieces of art. The point is that there are other options than traditional stock market investing. An internet search will bring up money alternative asset investing ideas that you can start dabbling in and it doesn’t need to cost a fortune, either.

Invest your time

This investment wouldn’t necessarily bring about a financial return on investment but in certain instances, it might. Whatever the outcome, the ride will certainly not be a boring ride.

With the way things are in the world, people are growing more distant from each other. Families are no longer sitting around the dinner table speaking about life and friends don’t socialize as much as they used to. 

Investing time into relationships and family life is one of the most important investments you can make. No one on their deathbed says “Gee, I wish I spent another hour in that meeting to earn $5000 more, per year”. They do, however, more often than not, wish they spent more time with their loved ones. 

Studies have shown that most people had some regrets in the last couple of days before passing on – and hardly any one of those was related to money in the bank. 


Having millions in the bank is a wonderful prospect, and using clever and alternative methods of investing could bring that about, ultimately creating a better life for you and your family. Assets like cars, art, antiques, and agriculture are safeguarded against stock market collapse and are worth investigating.

Devoting valuable time to family life, or spending time with people to build better relationships, is an equally important form of investment. Who knows – playing catch with your son could inspire him to become a professional ballplayer? That in itself could bring a million-dollar return if they turn pro later on in life. All it takes is a small investment of your time.

It boils down to a choice – do you want to chase money only, or do you want to lay on your deathbed and proudly say that you were the best parent or spouse that you could’ve been.

Will you invest wisely?