It’s inevitable: all things must end. Why wouldn’t the same thing be true of our favorite appliances? 

Though you may have been through thick and thin with your old fridge, the time has finally come and you have to say au revoir. The traditional life of a fridge is only about ten to fifteen years, so you knew this was going to happen eventually.

But hang on! You might not have to send that big hunk of metal straight to the landfill. In fact, there are many things you might not have thought of that you can do with an old fridge. Read on and we’ll walk you through a few key ones

1. Turn It Into a Bookcase

Have books spilled over every surface of your home? Why not use that old fridge in a creative way and clean up your mess in the process? 

You can easily turn what used to be a storage container for your food into a storage container for some of your favorite titles. You can simply clean it up and move it into your study or recreation room. Fill it to the brim with your favorite titles, whether that be Moby Dick or the Twilight series.

Imagine your friends and family’s surprise when they open the fridge and now see what it holds! A true creative hit.

2. Use the Door as a Table

Need a new coffee table for your backyard or back deck? Why don’t you consider popping the front door off of your fridge and throwing it over a square block of wood? This DIY table can be a very cool and hip addition to a backyard hang out space.

Your fridge’s door is likely made from plastic-wrapped metal, which makes it sturdy and incredibly resistant to weather. This all said and done: it might be the perfect fit for a backyard space. 

Such a table would need to fit the design of your home, of course. But if you can rock this creative DIY feel, there’s likely nothing cooler you can do with your old fridge.

3. Convert It for a Wine Cellar

You can always hire a service, like the one at this site, to come and remove your fridge for you. But if you want to keep that big hunk of metal in your home, you can put it to good use by converting it into a place for all your wines.

Simply take everything inside the fridge out and replace it with wood shelves you can easily make on your own in the garage. Load it up with bottles of wine and throw it in the corner of your basement or garage. Voila! You’ve created the perfect wine cellar for all your amazing bottles. 

What to Do With Your Old Fridge

It can be sad to see an old fridge go, but the end doesn’t always have to be the end. The above are just a few creative ideas of how you can repurpose your fridge into something brand new. 

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