Almost 90% of all homeowners in the United States hope to remodel their home in the near future.

Remodeling a home is a great way to add big value. If you’re planning to sell your home on the open market, then renovating is a good place to start.

Who doesn’t want a return on their investment?

Everyone wants more space when it comes to remodeling. Whether it’s a new addition or a bump-out, it’s all about adding the square footage. More space equals more value. The downside is that building a new addition or a bump-out demands a hefty price

That’s where our attic renovation ideas come in. Attics present a perfect opportunity for expansion.

They are already enclosed. You don’t have to mess with laying down a new foundation. The electric lines are close and easy to access.

In general, an attic is easier and cheaper to remodel because all the amenities are already right there.

Keep reading to find out our eight favorite attic renovation ideas.

8 Attic Renovation Ideas to Boost Your Home’s Value

There are many different ideas to explore when it comes to reenvisioning your attic’s space. While you focus on the inside of the attic, don’t forget the entrance. Make a splash with stylish loft doors to leave a perfect first impression.

There are different reasons that can lead to the desire to remodel.

Maybe you’re hoping to sell your house soon for more than it was originally worth. If so, renovating an attic is a great way to increase your return on investment.

Even if you’re not planning to sell any time soon, remodeling is still a great way to freshen up your living space while adding value at the same time. It’s normal to get tired of the same old stuff or appearance.

Another factor may be damage. Maybe there was a fire or storm that caused property damage to the attic. Since you already have to repair it, now’s the best time to go ahead and remodel its appearance.

Whatever your reason, renovation allows you to explore your creativity. Our top ideas to remodel your attic are:

1. The Office of Your Dreams

Always wanted somewhere to retreat while you work from home? The attic is the perfect place for this.

The attic offers plenty of natural light to let you clearly see what you’re doing. You’ll also have the added benefit of being more removed from the house and get the sense of privacy you need. It’s the perfect blend to create the dream office.

Paint the walls a calming tone of soft grey, frame a few pictures, and set a desk over near a window. You’ll soon find yourself happy to retreat to your upstairs office to work.

2. The Movie Room for Family Night

If you’ve always wanted a home theater, then look no further than the attic.

Its shape lends itself perfectly to emulate a theater. Paint the triangular ceiling with stars and you’ll feel like you’re at a drive-in.

If you’d rather feel like you’re in an actual movie theater, install runner floor lights at the edges of the room. Bring in your favorite plush reclining chairs and enjoy a flick with friends and family.

3. A Private Reading Nook for the Bookworm

Are books and quiet time more your speed? If you’re attic is on the smaller side, a private study or reading room works great.

Opt for a ceiling window to get optimal light. Move a comfortable reading couch in and voila, you’re ready to enjoy a timeless classic novel.

4. Give Beauty Something to Be Jealous Of

If you’re the bookworm with the massive collection of books threatening to overrun the house, an attic room can make a wonderful library.

Opt for inset shelves in the walls to save maximum space. Next, haul up your hundreds of books and a comfortable chair and you’ll be set. Your setup will be enough to rival what Beauty from Beauty & the Beast had.

5. An Extra Bedroom for the Baby

If you’re expecting a bundle of joy to bless your household and find yourself short on bedrooms, why not build one?

The attic can be turned into a nursery with ease. Paint the walls in light, fun colors and keep as much natural light as possible to create the perfect nursery.

6. A New Master Bedroom

If your attic is large, you might look into transforming it into the new master bedroom.

It’s normal to get sick and tired of your room. If you find yourself envious of the massive space overhead, stop hesitating and transform the attic into your new master suite. Bonus, then your old bedroom can be turned into a guest room!

7. An Extra Bathroom

One of the main additions many homeowners want is another bathroom.

It’s tough living in a house with a single bathroom and multiple people. When you need to go, waiting in line to use your own bathroom is the last thing you want to do.

A second bathroom alleviates this conundrum. Not only that, but adding an extra bathroom adds value in a big way.

Add in a spacious glass-enclosed shower, maybe also a whirlpool tub, a toilet and a sink with lots of counter space and you’ll feel like you’re on a vacation.

8. Extra Living Space

If you’re downstairs living room is somewhat small and you crave more room for your television and couches, the attic can solve this.

Keep the middle space wide and open. Maybe place a colorful rug in the center to help draw the eye. Line seating along the edges and the television at the far end.

Your entire family will be hanging out upstairs in the attic before you know it.

Your Options Are Limitless

No matter what your needs are, an attic is an ideal place to start with home renovations.

Whether you’re in dire need of the extra living space, or just finally want the dream office to escape to, we hope our attic renovation ideas inspire you to take action.

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