Boating License

According to a law passed by the Federal Government on September 15, 2009, all operators of powered watercraft that are used for recreational purposes require a Pleasure Craft Operator Card. 

There is no exemption to this rule and it applies to all boaters regardless of age. 

It is fairly easy to get an Alberta boating license or a pleasure craft operator card as it is more commonly known. We have listed down a few easy steps you can follow to get your license:

1.Study The Course

The first thing you can start with is registering for a boating course. Make sure the course you are studying is accredited by Transport Canada. Also, pick a platform that offers courses that are approved and recognized by Transport Canada. This will ensure you have no trouble in studying.

Next, it’s time to register and go ahead. Once you register online, you will be asked to pay a fee of $44.95 + tax to continue with the course. There are 5 chapters in total and includes live-action videos and interactive animations. 

The course is formatted to be a minimum of 3 hours for study time. There is a quiz consisting of 10 multiple choice questions at the end of each chapter.  

2. Pass The Exam

Once you have completed the course you will be directed to the Transport Canada PCOC Test. The final exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions and you are given 75 minutes to solve it. The passing percentage is 75% which means 38 multiple choice questions out of 50 have to be correct. 

If you are unable to pass your exam in the first attempt, you do not have to be disheartened. You get a chance to reappear in the exam after 24 hours for free. If you are unable to clear it in your second attempt as well then you have to register and take the course again and retake the exam. 

3. Print Temporary License

Once you pass the online exam, you will be able to print your temporary Pleasure Craft Operator Card. You will use this temporary permit while you wait for your permanent license to arrive. With this temporary permit, you willbe allowed to operate in Alberta and all other provinces of Canada. 

4. Receive Your Pleasure Craft Operator Card

Your pleasure craft operator card will arrive by mail at your house within 2-3 weeks of clearing your exam. This is a lifetime card and does not need any renewals. The Canada PCOC is accepted in Alberta and all other provinces.

We hope this will help you get your Alberta boating license without any trouble. The key lies in being carefully and fulfiling all the requirements. The license is fairly easy to get, especially if you have an organization by your side to guide you through the process. Get in touch with the experts today to make it possible to get your license without any trouble.

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