Suburban Living or City Life

With many options to choose from for both housing and work, the classic division between urban and suburban living is changing. The city and the suburbs both have their pros and cons, and the decision to live in either of these areas depends on your lifestyle and personal preference. 

However, it’s always helpful to know the main selling points as well as the bad parts for both your options before choosing. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the main financial issues and the lifestyle each area is suitable for.  

Cost of living in the city vs the suburbs

The tiny and expensive apartment is synonymous with life in the big city, while the suburban icon is a home in a quiet neighborhood, with a front yard and a white picket fence. When it comes to square footage, the city space is obviously more expensive, but that does not always mean that the general cost of living is higher. 

The cost of living all depends on your lifestyle and job. If you are working in the city, then the time and money you would spend on your commute every day would render the location premium of your rental apartment worth it. If you work remotely or you don’t need to be so close to urban locations, maybe paying less for rent in the suburbs is the right call. 

Suburban living often calls for a personal vehicle to make traveling easier, which is an extra cost to be taken into consideration. However, groceries, restaurants, and general entertainment seem to be more expensive in some cities. Depending on your budget and lifestyle, these costs should be balanced against each other.

Life in the city vs the suburbs

There are some questions to ask before deciding what is best for you. Do you enjoy the daily hustle and the energy of the big city? Are you looking for a quieter area to live in, while still being close to the city? Do you need to have plenty of options in terms of entertainment or do you just need your free time?

The choice of city versus the suburbs is often a matter of lifestyle, and no longer age. If you want to have a family, children, or pets, you’ll need the space that a suburban dwelling offers you. It’s easier to find a pet-friendly rental. Having a backyard means you don’t have to take time out of your schedule to take your children or your pets to a park. Also, with less traffic and industry and more green space, the suburbs are likely less polluted than the city core. 

However, if you are always running from place to place and your focus is on accessibility and convenience, then the city is for you. Life in the city also comes with more running, walking, or biking, which means that you’ll be more active just going about your day. You’ll have access to both cultural amenities, as well as the tech-world, with cities usually brining the best of those worlds. 

All things considered, the choice is yours to make. It all boils down to what best suits you, your lifestyle, and your budget. However, either you choose to rent in the city or the suburbs in not definitive. You can try them both out and switch between them, as your life evolves. 

About the author: Mihaela is a passionate reader and writer, with an affinity for language and linguistics, as well as the latest technological developments. She discovered her passion for real estate at RENTCafé, and you can read more of her articles on their blog.

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