A professionally polished marble floor or countertop is less prone to chips, scratches, and abrasions. It is also easier to clean, which can help reduce the risk of mold, mildew, and other hazardous organisms growing on it.

Scratchy, uneven marble surfaces are not only unsightly but can cause damage to furniture. Besides, they tend to absorb water and other liquids faster.


Marble is one of the most beautiful building materials that adds elegance to your home or office. However, it is also a porous material that can be stained with water or other chemicals. The best way to protect your marble surfaces is to hire a regular cleaning and polishing professional.

Marble technicians can use a chemical process or a diamond pad and machinery to restore your marble surfaces. The former tightens the pores of your marble and gives it a shine that lasts for a long while the latter removes lippage, roughness, and unevenness to make the surface smoother and more elegant.

A professional commercial floor polishing Jackson Heights NY can also remove etch marks caused by acidic spills on your marble floors, counters, and sinks. These appear dull whitish marks that can be removed with a high-quality etch remover.


Marble surfaces are prone to staining, especially in high-traffic areas. Regular cleaning with pH-balanced cleaners and a soft cloth helps maintain their beauty. However, your marble surfaces may become scratched or dull if you are not careful. A professional marble polishing service can help remove etch marks, smudges, and scratches from your stone surfaces while protecting the surface from further damage.

In addition to polishing, professionals can also restore your marble surface with a sealant. Topical sealants sit on the top of your marble and prevent stains, while impregnators go below the surface and repel water and oils while allowing your marble to breathe. They can also recommend the best character finish for your marble, including honed for low-traffic areas and polished for a high-end look.


Marble is a beautiful building material that adds sophistication and glamour to any room. However, it can be challenging to maintain its pristine look without professional care and maintenance.

Regular cleaning can remove etch marks from marble surfaces. These are caused by the stone coming in contact with acidic substances, such as food and drinks. However, if the etching is severe, it may need to be professionally restored by a stone technician.

The cost of marble polishing is typically based on a per-square-foot basis. Choosing a company with competitive pricing and a good reputation in the industry is essential. It should also be licensed and insured. This ensures that your marble floors and countertops are safe to walk on.


Marble is one of the most beautiful building materials but requires regular cleaning and maintenance to keep its pristine appearance. A professional polishing service can clean and protect your stone floors, countertops, and other surfaces so they look new for years to come.

Marble polishing services can remove etch marks and bring back the original shine of your stone floor. These treatments can also help your foundation last longer by increasing its density. A dense surface is less susceptible to chips, scratches, and abrasions.

Stain removal is difficult for natural marble, especially when the stain involves acidic spills. Professional marble services know this and use the proper cleaning detergents and machinery to suitably remove these stains without damaging the stone. These professionals can also protect your marble with a sealer to prevent stains from forming again.


Marble floors and countertops require professional maintenance to keep them looking their best. This includes cleaning, polishing, and sealing to prevent stains. A marble technician can help you design a maintenance program for your specific marble surfaces, including advice on how often to polish and clean. A quality marble restoration company can also repair minor etching, which appears as dull whitish marks on the surface of polished marble and is caused by acidic spills like lemon juice, wine, or fruit.

Marble is one of the most beautiful building materials available, adding a touch of luxury and elegance to your home. However, it can quickly become dull and unattractive if not cleaned properly. Finding a reliable marble polishing service in Jackson Heights, NY, is essential to keeping your marble looking beautiful and maintaining its lustrous shine.