There is nothing wrong with using a sex doll, nothing wrong at all, but like with anything else that you own, you must take care of the doll correctly. In this article, you’re going to find 5 helpful tips that will help you to use your doll the right way.

Continue reading to find out what these 5 tips are that you definitely need to know.

Using A Sex Doll

Whether you use a sex doll for intimacy or pure companionship reasons, they need to be taken care of just like a real person needs to be taken care of. Our tips will help you to keep your love doll in pristine shape so that you can get longevity out of your purchase.

1. Use A Good Lubricant

It’s no secret that lubrication helps the act of intimacy to feel better. It is especially recommended when you’re using a sex doll because it will help to make the doll feel more realistic when you’re using it.

Invest in a lubricant that doesn’t leave behind any sticky residue, preferably a water-based lubricant. And buy it in large amounts so that you don’t have to continuously go to the store for more.

2. Play Dress Up

You’ve got to set the mood, right? Part of setting the mood means dressing your doll in lingerie that will help turn you on. Purchase some lingerie for your doll that you’d like to see them in.

Perhaps, you’re interested in beaded corsets or thigh-high stockings, if so get some for your doll. This will not only fulfill the fantasy you have in your head; it will also make your doll seem more realistic.

3. Avoid Porous Dolls

We say this because dolls that have a porous type design are more likely to trap bacteria within the doll. Even after cleaning the doll, this bacteria may linger and cause your doll to become unusable as the bacteria grows.

Opt for a sex doll that is made of non-porous like material instead.

4. Use Protection

This one may be shocking; however, if you plan to use the sex doll with a partner, the use of protection will prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. This ensures that you and whoever is using the doll are protecting yourselves and each other during intimacy.

5. Store The Doll Correctly

You wouldn’t toss the doll in a dark room that has a leak, would you? The way to get longevity out of your purchase is to store it properly. Whenever you store your sex doll, it is recommended that you use some type of cloth covering to place over the doll.

You should refrain from using dark coverings because it may rub off on the surface of the doll.

The Finale

When it comes to using a sex doll, there is no right or wrong way. It is all about personal preference and what you initially bought the doll for. If you’d like to read more articles such as the one we just provided you check out our website for daily content.