Occupational safety is a growing concern in the United States as the number of non-vehicular unintentional injuries on the job total more than four million each and every year. These are just the work-related injuries which were reported, requiring medical attention. These figures are based on the latest statistics from the National Safety Council, and what they indicate is that there is a growing need for specialists in safety management. With a bachelor of science in occupational safety from Eastern Kentucky University, you can work towards making jobs safer in literally every industry. Here are five reasons to study for your safety management degree online.

1. Fast Track Graduation

When you study for a BS in safety management from EKU online, you can get that degree in as little as two-and-a-half years. That cuts the typical four-year course down by 1.5 years, which means you’ll earn your degree online in less than ¾ of the average time, preparing you for job advancement that much sooner.

2. Continue Working While Studying for Your Degree

Also, you don’t need to leave your current job while earning a degree online. This makes it possible to maintain your standard of living without the need to apply for student loans to cover living expenses. You can continue to learn about your chosen industry while learning ways to improve safety on the job.

3. Opportunities for Internships and Career Development

At EKU, it is possible to find internships and paths for career development because counselors in your department are available to help you find opportunities many online colleges don’t offer. If you want to intern in occupational safety, there may be internships to help you get the practical experience you need prior to being released to the workforce, albeit with a prestigious degree.

4. Flexible Study Hours

When you study safety management online, you can literally set your own hours around your personal schedule. With many factories now working three shifts daily throughout the calendar year, there is no reason to change your normal working hours because you can study when and from where you wish. Flexible study hours make it easy to study at your convenience, as you aren’t locked into lectures or class schedules.

5. No Need to Relocate to the School of Your Choice

Finally, when studying online, you never need to relocate to study at the school of your choice. Since you are studying a curriculum that is 100% online, you can continue living and working where you are right now without going to an out-of-state school or one that is too distant to travel for classes. There is no need to relocate when you can do all your coursework online.

Occupational safety is one career that is in high demand. With so many job-related injuries each year, a safety manager can help reduce the potential for injuries and can be an integral part of advising future legislation on occupational safety. If you, or any of your family or friends, have ever been injured on the job, you’ll easily recognize the need for better-qualified safety managers.