If you are a homeowner thinking of putting your house up on the market, you will want to make your property look valuable to any potential buyer out there. It doesn’t matter if the interior of your home is spectacular when the exterior of your home isn’t convincing buyers to go up the walkway and through the front door.

  1. Replace Your Windows

According to a top-ten list by the expert home designer Sarah Richardson, you can increase your curb appeal by tacklingimportant replacementslike windowsas soon as possible. You can get your high-quality replacements from a trusted company like Golden Windows—they have been manufacturing and distributing innovative pieces to customers for over five decades. Their company website has a photo gallery to help you see how nice your house can look with new windows—you can also visit one of the company’s local showrooms to get a better view of the window styles and designs available.

Other window tips that will increase your curb appeal:

  • Keep your indoor blinds or curtains pulled open because a brighter looking house attracts more buyers
  • Put up window boxes full of flowers and herbs to add natural freshness

  1. Do Some Gardening

Embraceyour green thumb and plant flowers in your front yard to make your home look and smell beautiful to potential buyers. Remember to follow important gardening tips for curb appeal when you are revamping your front yard like placing pots of shrubs or flowers by the front entrance and keeping the garden low-maintenance. If you make the garden too large or complicated, it could backfire — many buyers will see the intense upkeepof such a complicated garden as an unnecessary burden.

  1. Clean Everything In Sight

When you focus on your home’s curb appeal, you focus on the first impression that your home makes—you don’t want the firstimpression to be that your home is filthy. If peoplenotice that the exterior of your house looks dirty or unkempt, they will make the assumption that the interior is just as bad or worse.

Cleaning tasks that you should cover to increase your property’s curb appeal:

  • Wash all of the windows so that they shine
  • Use a pressure-hose to remove grime from the front porch, walkway and driveway
  • Clear your yard ofdead leaves, twigs and weeds
  • Clean out gutters filled with detritus
  • Shine doorknobs, knockers and any visible metal décor

You don’t have to renovate your entire house in order to attract potential buyers—all you have to do is add some extra polish and decoration to your front entrance. Fixing up your old windows, expanding your garden and giving your property a thorough cleaning will surely improve your curb appeal. After following these three suggestions your home will receive an instant surge in popularity, with buyers looking at the front entrance and wishing they could find out what’s inside.