Do you love to travel? If so, join the club! After all, traveling the world is one of the most exciting and fulfilling parts of life.

The joy of discovering and exploring new destinations is hard to beat. Fortunately, advances in technology have made it possible to film travel videos more easily than ever before. 

The key to creating quality YouTube travel videos is to understand a few important tips. This article takes a look at how to make a travel video, including how to pick a travel video camera.

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1. Know What You Want to Create

The first step in creating amazing travel videos you can share online is to have a vision. In other words, what appeals to you as a person?

Spend time on YouTube. Watch hundreds of travel videos. Assess the production value of the videos that really speak to your aesthetic. What do they di right in comparison to other videos of lesser quality?

Watching phenomenal travel videos online is like going to film school. After all, you’re going to discover a wide range of quality, be exposed to talented editors, and gain insight into what works and what doesn’t.

2. Choosing the Right Gear

Next, you’re going to need the right gear for the type of videos you plan to shoot.

Keep in mind that the lighter and more compact your gear setup is, the more efficiently you’ll be able to move and shoot. This is extremely important when shooting travel videos because you need to be able to capture footage on the fly.

First, you’ll need a quality camera that can shoot in 4k or 6k, which will provide the sharpest footage possible. A good example of this type of camera is the Sony a6500.

You’ll also need a lightweight pack for carrying your camera equipment through any type of landscape.

3. Creating a Story

Your audience wants to hear a story. So that should be your goal.

Creating quality YouTube content requires more than just expensive equipment and cool camera techniques. Your videos should contain a narrative that engages views and makes them hungry for more.

Learn more about cool camera angles here.

4. Export to Your Footage

Once you’ve captured some amazing imagery onto your camera, it’s time to export the video footage to your computer. This is because you’ll need to edit the footage and create the narrative structure before uploading it to YouTube.

Always compress your file while retaining the highest quality possible.

5. Develop Your Editing Skills

One of the keys to creating attention-grabbing videos is great editing. You won’t develop pro editing skills overnight. The key is to practice, figure out what you like, and keep honing skills until you are good enough to edit on the fly.

Your Guide to Shooting Awesome YouTube Travel Videos

There’s nothing more fun than sharing your adventures with family and friends. Fortunately, these tips for making YouTube travel videos will help maximize the quality of your online content and getting views for YouTube.

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