Solar shades screen out the glare but don’t block the view. They are also high on visual appeal and make a refreshing change from dreary old curtains.

It’s always impressive when interior décor benefits directly from technical innovation and produces pleasing effects for the whole of your living space. Read on to find out why else solar window shades might bring some sunshine into your life.

What Are Solar Shades?

Solar shades are also called sun shades. Some people call them roller shades or roller blinds. What sets them apart is the specially designed fabric that has a tight enough weave to protect against UV rays yet still allows you a view of the outside.

The result? With the solar shades closed, you can still enjoy the stunning views from your windows. Inside, meanwhile, rooms remain glare-free, yet light and airy – and cool, since solar blinds reduce internal heat.

Because they block ultraviolet rays, you can say goodbye to faded carpets and upholstery, and wall hangings.

Thanks to solar shades, hardwood and laminate floors do not suffer discoloration and retain their luster for longer.

Openness Is a Factor

Openness is the term used to refer to the tightness of the weave and is expressed as a percentage.

A low openness factor (3–5%) blocks more light and affords greater privacy, but it does block more of the view. With an openness factor of 7–10%, you get good visibility when looking out the window and still get protection from UV rays. Factors of 11-14% give a much clearer view of the outside, but slightly less UV protection for your interior furnishings.

How Private Are Solar Shades?

The lower the openness factor, the more privacy you will have. A good rule of thumb is that the interior is as visible from the outside at night (when the lights are on) as the exterior is from the inside during the day.

For more privacy, many people install two layers of blinds, with one being an opaque blackout shade only used at night and the other a solar shade that lets the view and light in during the day.

Professionals or DIY?

While you might get a lot of kudos from your friends for installing solar shades all by yourself, you risk making mistakes with this precision job.

It’s best to let professionals skilled the art of installing solar screen do the job. They know the science behind how to view more through your window, and are best placed to advise you on color, size, and type of fabric. Experts also have plenty of creative ways of dealing with tricky window treatments, and most likely to leave you feeling thrilled with the result.

Color Your World

Interior decoration is a very personal thing. So is choosing the colors for your solar shades. Rest assured that you will be able to find exactly the tone to match or contrast with your interior.

Remember that the inside of your home is going to look different because of all the additional light (without the glare) that will be streaming in. This is certainly something to consider when decorating.

As the new day dawns, with your solar shades safely installed, you can happily sing that old song, “Let the Sun Shine In!” knowing full well that the UV will stay out, and your view from the window will be undisturbed all day long.

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