There is a lot of truth behind the saying, “look good, feel good.”

Dressing smart increases your confidence and sense of self-empowerment. Researchers believe your style enhances abstract thinking and gives people an insight into your real personality.

Current men’s fashion trends are more eye-catching than ever. Men are getting creative with their wardrobe and trying out stylish designs.

Are you up to date on the latest 2020 men’s fashion trends? Keep reading to catch up on the latest male styles.

Monochromatic Suits

The word monochromatic means “single color.” A monochromatic suit consists of different shades of one color. 

These suits are eye-catching and one of the best men’s fashion trends of 2020. Monochromatic color combinations work with most colors, so you can easily find one that compliments your skin tone.

Plus, monochromatic suits are known to make people look tall and lean.

You can also spruce up your monochromatic suit. Add visual interest, depth, and dimension by implementing textures and patterned-pieces into your outfit. 

Camp Collar Shirts

One of the more popular summertime male clothing trends is camp collared shirts. Americans may know these pieces as “Cuban collar shirts,” as they arrived in the country from Cuban immigrants.

The shirts have buttons that extend into the chest. The collars are relaxed and sit flat against the skin.

Unlike an Oxford polo, camp collar shirts are designed to be worn with at least one button undone. They have a loose cut, making the shirts breathable and comfortable.

The shirt’s relaxed fit makes them ideal for a day on the golf course or an afternoon at a BBQ. Camp collar shirts come in a variety of colors and patterns, although dark, block colors paired with khaki shorts are a sharp look.

Simple Bling

Who said men can’t accessorize? A current men’s fashion trend is completing an outfit with a simple necklace. 

Gold or silver chains are go-to necklaces for men. A chain makes an outfit pop without looking too flashy.

There are no rules about how to sport a male necklace, so you can fashion them however you see best. Chains go well over simple t-shirts or long-sleeved apparel. They can also be worn beneath a collared shirt.

Over-The-Knee Shorts

It’s an in-between day that’s too chilly for shorts, yet too warm for pants. While women can sport capris and cropped pants, men have been turning to over-the-knee-shorts.

These long-style shorts are one of the best 2020 men’s fashion trends. The shorts have become more common in 2020 as celebrities have been sporting the style (not to mention the shorts were frequently worn by fashion icon David Rose in the Netflix sitcom, Schitt’s Creek).

Over-the-knee shorts are casual and light. They’re perfect for an afternoon stroll or hitting the bar with the boys. Spruce up the look by pairing the shorts with a bold pattern top, an open shirt, or a fresh pair of kicks.

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From gold chains to monochrome suits, there are plenty of current men’s fashion trends that can take your outfit up a notch.

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