What comes to your mind first when you think of stylish short dresses? For most girls, the first thought is the length because “short” is a vague term that can be used to define a number of lengths. But are short party dresses all about the length? There is so much more to it.

Here are 5 tips that will help you style short dresses like a celebrity:

  1. Mix Print and Patterns Boldly

Often, we are not confident enough to mix different prints and patterns because it might look too jarring. The end result- we end up choosing something of a solid neutral colour. But that’s now how our favourite celebrities do it. They tend to mix and match the patterns and prints boldly that creates something eye-catching.

Check out these unique short dresses from the latest collection:

  1. Bead Details Are Important!

If you’re someone who cannot settle on boring solid colours, it’s time to get inspired by the celebs and start finding short cocktail dresses with beadwork and embellishments. Remember, when you wear a short dress, the drama is not in the skirt as in the case of a long gown. Therefore, the design on the fabric will have to take care of the gorgeous.

These are some of the dazzling designer pieces that will get your attention:

It’s okay if you don’t want a fully beaded item, because the short dresses 2020 selection has some trending alternatives too:

  1. Blend Classic With Modern

There’s no harm in trying to get a little experimental with the trends. While there are styles that are outdated, these are the ones that we still keep following irrespective of what the trend chart says. Celebs have adopted this method of blending the vintage with contemporary and created unique styles for us. For instance, lace is strictly vintage, but have you heard of a fitted lace dress with mini-length hem?

Let us walk you through some of the voguish short prom dresses of this season:

  1. Get Experimental With the Skirt

The highlight of your short dress is the skirt. Whether you go with a fit and flare A-line skirt or a fitted sheath one, experimenting with the length and style can transform your attire magically. For instance, adding a little flounce to the skirt will turn something plain and boring into something uniquely eye-catching. Ruffle details and tiered hemline are also encouraged.

The designer collections have showcased exclusive items for all the voguish girls. Take a look:

  1. Give Attention to Your Footwear

Your footwear is doubly important when you’re wearing a short dress because it is distinctly visible along with your long slender legs. It is time to debunk a myth about celeb footwear choices- heels are not staple. There are a number of chic flats like loafers, sneakers, and even open-toe sandals that you can try with your short dress. If you insist on wearing heels, avoid the high pencil ones and go with a moderate length.

With all these styling tips, you are certain to look like a celeb straight off the ramp while making an entrance to a party wearing a short dress. Know your personal style and apply the above-mentioned tips accordingly to bring out your true personality to the surface. Happy Shopping!