We all know the feeling of being run down, tired and stressed and the havoc it can play on how we feel and just getting on with our daily life. Our immune system is constantly fighting to keep us healthy and it does quite a good job of it without much help. There are things we can do, however, that can lessen our reliance on our immune system, which has the effect of boosting our immune system. Here are our five top suggestions on giving your immune system the little kick it needs to help you fight any cold, flu or illness and keep it functioning in tip top shape.

You’ve Got to Eat Right

The very first thing you ne0ed to get right is diet. What you eat is fuel for your body and all its vital systems, including your immune system. The immune system relies on getting plenty of vitamins and healthy fats to keep working optimally, so include lots of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as lean proteins. Foods like chicken, salmon and tuna will give you a good source of Vitamin B6, while citrus, tomato and broccoli are a great natural source of Vitamin C. Round it off with some almonds, peanut butter and spinach for that Vitamin E and you should get your immune system all the nutrients it needs. Don’t forget that proper diet goes a long way to keeping all your body’s systems in good working order.

Get Your Body Moving

Exercise does amazing things for your body. Apart from helping keep stress at bay and building strong and healthy muscle and bones, it also does wonders for your immune system. That’s because it improves circulation and in turn helps those immune cells get all over the body to the places they need to get to. You only need as little as 30 minutes of real honest exercise every day to keep fit and healthy. Even just a brisk walk around the block can help!

Sleep Well

Nothing beats a good night’s sleep. Focus on getting enough good quality sleep and you’re giving your body time to rest and rebuild from the day. Hormones and molecules used in fighting infection can be generated by the body while you sleep, so making sure you get enough shut eye is vital to a healthy immune system.

Cut Out Unhealthy Habits 

It really is time to kick the smoking habit. It’s one of the most harmful things we do voluntarily to our body and lungs, but it isn’t the only bad habit we have. We drink too much alcohol and we eat too many saturated fats and we do it all while living a very sedentary lifestyle. Start to live your life in moderation and your immune system will thank you for it.

Use a Multivitamin Supplement

To complete your immune boosting lifestyle, top all your hard work off with a good quality multivitamin like the Future Kind Essential Vegan Multivitamin which consistently gets rave reviews and you’re doing everything your body needs to stay strong and healthy. Multivitamins are the top up your body wants from everything you don’t manage to get from your diet and are a great way to keep your immune system working for you.

As you can see, the basis of maintaining a healthy immune system is simply to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle. This means keeping fit, watching what you eat, taking a multivitamin supplement and not overdoing it on the unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking. Round it all off with a good night’s sleep and you’re giving your immune system a real boost.