Toys that encourage creativity do more than to entertain children. They prepare the young to learn to draw, sculpt, experiment and solve problems. Many experts believe that today, kids are living in a changing world that has issues we can’t anticipate. And for them to learn to solve these problems is through creativity. The best toys can show kids how to hold information and to think flexible as things change, and to learn self-control.

When we think of creative toys, the first thing that comes to mind is finger paints and pint-size musical instruments. However, there is a much more comprehensive range of toys that inspire creativity, such as building blocks, figures, and other playthings. Being creative is not about being artistic; the best toys have limited rules or guidelines, don’t have a beginning or ending, and no correct answer or goal. Besides, psychologists and development experts recommend the best multi-use, open-ended toys that will spark the children’s imaginations and are entertaining as well. 

Best Building Toys

When we think of building toys, our minds always jump at Lego. Besides, nearly everyone recommends the classic Lego blocks when it comes to fostering creativity. Playing with Lego will allow the child to promote spatial awareness and develop their creative ideas. Even though the toys come with kit instruction, kids will soon want to build their creations. 

Parents can choose from multiple Lego lines; it doesn’t matter if it is with pirates or it’s with Super Mario. Speaking of Super Mario, this year on 1st August a new Lego line was launched, the Lego Super Mario product that features an interactive Super Mario figure that collects coins in real-life, just like in the game. The Super Mario figure comes with something unique for e Lego figure because it has LCD screens in his eyes, mouth and belly to display a wide variety of instant reactions to movement, colour, action bricks, and include speakers as well.  

Kids ages six and above and build levels and play in their way, because these Lego series are action-packed. Besides, this set will also have expansion sets where it unlocks unique challenges and characters to play solo or against friends. Again, this Lego series is connected to a free Lego Super Mario app which keeps track of scores and encourages continuous rebuilding. The app also provides digital building instructions with zoom and rotate tools.  

However, Lego are not the only toys that are used for building; let’s not forget about the nanoblocks. Nanoblock is an original micro-sized building block that features blocks as small as 4mm. Besides, these toys have grown more into popularity because they added the Pokemon line into them. However, Pokemon isn’t the only line of nanoblocks; there are also characters from Sonic the Hedgehog, Dragonball, popular building sets that feature London, Tokyo and other cities, plus animals, like lions, whales and so on. 

Best Toys for Imaginative Play

When it comes to imaginative scenarios, practically any stuffed animal, action, figure, or doll can inspire a type of creative play where kids can create whole new conversations and play-out scenarios with the toys. Usually, transformers-type toys are good at encouraging this type of game in children. Generally among the favourites are toys that can change from dinosaurs to cars, and if they also have follow-up sounds, it will look the scenario more real, or the children can make these sounds as well.  

Besides, there are also action figures, such as superhero action figures or anime action figures, if children are into anime series. For example, when it comes to anime figures, Bandai is the one that brings the most successful manga and anime series to life. Besides, this year Bandai will reveal action figures from Cyberpunk Universe and My Hero Academia. Also, this year in April, Bandai has announced the Pac-Man Tamagotchi Nano. With this reveal, Bandai was able to bring together two nostalgic brands, Pac-Man and Tamagochi, including characters from the original arcade game.

In addition to imaginative play, other toys encourage imagination, like rugs that feature cities where children can enhance their game with their mini cars and trucks. These rugs can give kids a setting for their adventures. Also, children can pretty much dream up stories using any toy or even a household object. 

Best Art Toys

Setting up an area with blank papers and other materials is essential for children to foster creative development. It is recommended that all children, including those that did not express interest to have access to art supplies, will allow expressing themselves in their unique way. If they have a dedicated art-making space at home, they will naturally go there when they feel creative. 

However, in cases like this, the best toys that can be used for art are washable paints, because children aren’t known to keep their materials confined to a canvas. Besides, there are also the clay kits which are loved for the same reasons as Legos, they come with instructions but offer endless opportunities to experiment on their own. Playing with clay will provide children with a tactile creative experience that can also be therapeutic.