Sexual abuse is a term that covers all forms of sexual assault. Rape, incest, child molestation, and non-consensual sexual contact are common instances of sexual abuse. If you face any form of sexual abuse, consider holding the abuser accountable when you sue for sexual abuse in civil court

Sexual abuse can happen to you at any age. Cases of sexually abused children are very common. You’ve likely read or heard about an instance in the news. There is a need to be keen around people, especially strangers, and take all preventive measures seriously. 

What to Do After You Are Sexually Abused

If you are sexually abused, the trauma can be extremely difficult to deal with. It would be best to make sure you are safe after the awful act. Visiting a medical expert for examination of any injuries you might have suffered will protect your health and also document the occurrence as evidence for criminal or civil court proceedings.

Medical professionals can also prescribe medication to prevent any sexually transmitted disease that you could have been exposed to. Read on to learn about the effects of sexual abuse.

1. Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI)

Sexually transmitted infections are common among people who have been subjected to sexual assaults. These infections can be transmitted either through vaginal, anal, or oral contact with the victim. If your perpetrator was infected, there’s a chance you may require treatment after exposure. 

Visiting a doctor is paramount after being assaulted sexually. Doctors will examine you and run blood tests to verify your health and treat any ailment you require.

2. Depression

Depression is a common result for victims of sexual assault. Sexual abuse can come with hopelessness, sadness, emptiness, stress, and loss of self-worth.

There are many support groups and therapists specializing in victims overcoming sexual assault. Talking about it with your loved ones can also play an important role in managing your situation.

3. Pregnancy

Forms of sexual abuse like rape can lead to pregnancy. An unplanned and forced pregnancy can be a heavy burden to carry. Early examination after being raped can help medical professionals to prevent you from becoming pregnant. 

4. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

When victims are old enough to remember the incident, many will suffer from PTSD. Symptoms of the condition include flashbacks, nightmares, and uncontrollable thoughts about the assault. As mentioned above, with the help of support groups, therapists and family, many are able to overcome the trauma that follows sexual abuse.

5. Suicide

The effects of sexual abuse include nightmares, stress, and loss of happiness in life, and can lead victims to extreme and harmful solutions, such as suicide. This can become a reality when victims lack support and treatment to overcome the trauma they’ve experienced.

6. Addiction

Drug abuse is common among sexual assault victims. Alcohol and other drugs can help in numbing the pain of abuse. Prolonged use to numb the pain without learning healthy coping mechanisms is a dangerous pattern which leads millions of people to addiction.

Take Caution

Sex abuse can happen to anyone. Use your best judgment to avoid vulnerable situations and report any suspect activity to the authorities.

If you have been assaulted by someone sexually, it is paramount to take all the measures to ensure you are safe. After you are safe, you can report that incident and even find a lawyer and file a lawsuit against your perpetrator.