When we have a bankroll and good pokies with high variance, it’s time to think about stakes. How much to bet? And most of the time, you have to bet the minimum. There is no attachment to max bet in modern pokies at https://lclaustralia.org/. Meaning, when playing with any bet, the machine behaves the same way. But! It is essential to play on all lines. Only in this way can you guarantee the inclusion of all scatters and bonuses. You can always reduce the number of coins per line, not the number of lines.

It is better to take the minimum bet. If you enjoy playing for $0.25, play for such a rate, do not go higher. The high variance will allow you to win a lot, even with a small bet. Increasing the average spin will require a serious increase in your bankroll.

Why should I think about bet size?

With a bankroll of 1,000 coins, the size of the bet affects the number of spins. The smaller the bet, the more spins you will make.

Before each gaming session, roughly estimate their costs:

  • How much do I need to have in my account, for example, for an hour of uninterrupted play?
  • How much can I afford to lose?
  • How often will the pokie gobble up, and for how long?
  • How often does the bonus roll out?

These and other questions should run through your head before entering an online casino. Of course, it is almost impossible to calculate an exact expenditure (much fewer winnings) in an hour or two of play. Anything can happen during those few hundred spins. And especially if the game has a high variance. But based on your experience, you should already have a rough idea of what’s what.

Stop Loss

A stop-loss is the amount of money you have to spend before you stop playing. A good rule of thumb is to risk no more than 10% of your bankroll in a single playing session. Better yet, no more than 5%. Even better, no more than 1%. The more conservative, the better. And the longer you can play.

For example, you have $2,000 in your bankroll. For every playing session, you take $200 and pay $0.5, so you have a minimum of 400 bets. That is usually enough to withstand all the variance, but once you decide to spin in an excellent but “chewing” game. So you’re down $100, then $150, then $200. ALL! It’s time to end the session!

The amount of bankroll affects the number of bets worthwhile. Remember, losing 1/10th of the total amount will not affect the game’s effectiveness nor its financial stability.

No “a couple more spins”, “spin to a round number”, “about to give”, “must get rich”, etc. The pokie doesn’t owe anyone anything! You’re done here. You can play another or start the next day again. You can also set yourself a losing bar per day, not per session. The rules are the same here. Raised $100 out of $1,000? That’s it for today.