You just took the plunge and decided to apply to law school. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to be a lawyer. Either way, one thing is clear: you’re excited to start your legal career. But there’s just one last hurdle. You’ve got to crush the LSAT. And then you’re confident you’ll get into the law school of your dreams. If this describes you, then here are some common mistakes to avoid.

1. Not Starting Soon Enough

The most common LSAT advice is to begin your LSAT prep course three months before your examination date. However, you need to understand that people have different learning abilities, and three months may not be enough for every student. You have spent years working to improve your grades in your learning institutions; therefore, there is no need for condensing such a crucial admission determiner in just three months. Based on your learning capability and style, you should choose a suitable time for you, and it can be a year earlier or so.

2. Unrealistic Schedule

Three months of preparing for the LSAT is short because the content covered during the period is comprehensive. That being the case, it may push you to set unrealistic schedules, which may include studying for 10 hours every day. Those schedules can force you to explore beyond your capacity, thus causing burnout. As a result, the LSAT prep course may no longer be helpful, and instead, it will only contribute to the deterioration of your mental wellness.

You need to set realistic goals and a schedule for you to succeed on the LSAT. Since it is such a crucial test, you should consider starting early to avoid fixed schedules. The case is so because the sooner you start, the better since you will have sufficient time to prepare.

3. Not Taking Enough Practice Tests

Practice makes perfect, and therefore, you should take the LSAT practice examinations as if they are the actual LSAT. In doing so, you will be able to gauge your current standing and readiness for the LSAT. Furthermore, the tutor offers feedback based on your response. He or she can identify weaknesses and other areas that you need to improve on before facing the actual test.

Also, you need to adhere to the strict time limit for the practice tests because that is the one that will be used on the actual test. In doing so, it can help you avoid inconveniences of a fixed deadline on the actual LSAT. Furthermore, from the tutor’s feedback, you can evaluate areas you went wrong, which will help you improve your final grade.

4. Trying To Find Shortcuts

There is no shortcut for the LSAT exam since it is not only a problematic test but also covers a wide range of knowledge. Naturally, smart people like you want to take shortcut approaches instead of doing a lot of work. However, for the LSAT, there are no shortcuts, hacks, or tricks for studying that can replace covering all the LSAT materials.

You should prepare yourself to take self-study courses on the LSAT. To do so, you can search for the best self-study LSAT prep resources to guide you to LSAT glory.

5. Throwing Money at the Problem

Splashing money at the problem is a more often mistake that students make than you may think. You cannot buy LSAT success, and even acquiring the most expensive private tutor or enrolling in a pricey online LSAT prep course is not a guarantee for success. You need to study and invest your time on LSAT-related materials to succeed. Also, you need to note that LSAT private tutors and companies are on a mission to make money; therefore, prices may not mean the quality of service delivered.

6. Neglecting Everything Else

Preparing for admission to law school is quite significant because it requires a lot of energy and time. Besides, along with LSAT prep, as a student, you have to get transcripts, set up admission materials, and write essays, among other engagements. All these issues reduce your time for personal wellness affairs such as sleeping, exercising, relaxing, and eating well. Cutting down the time for such matters can significantly minimize your mental performance.


Preparing yourself for the LSAT can be a significant challenge. However, by avoiding the above common mistakes, you can increase the chance of attaining your full potential on the actual LSAT exam. And remember, always adhere to your learning style when preparing for the LSAT because doing so will help you achieve optimal grades.